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David Voggeser and Florian Hauser interviewed by

Miracle Cure Spot Bonuses?

Many companies cut the link between individual performance and variable compensation and instead use spot bonuses for individual differentiation. David Voggeser and Florian Hauser on advantages and disadvantages of this instrument. read more ...

Results of the Global Equity Insights Survey 2019

Entrepreneurship driven by equity-based compensation

Entrepreneurship and ownership are the key objectives of equity-based compensation for companies worldwide, according to the recent Global Equity Insights Survey from the management consultancy hkp/// group. read more ... talks with Martina Schüpbach and Johanna Rewald

Transparency as an opportunity!

In times of digitalization, company data transparency and its significance for talent and compensation management is also an issue undergoing changes. Companies should approach the topic with a critical but proactive eye. read more ...

hkp/// group Expert Interview

Don’t let your remuneration policy ruin your IPO

hkp/// group Senior Partners Petra Knab-Hägele and Joachim Kayser on HR- and Compensation-requirements in the context of an IPO read more ...

David Voggeser and Andrew Thain interviewed by

Current Market Practice on Equity-based Compensation

In 2019, hkp/// group and the Global Equity Organization once again conduct the Global Equity Insights study - the biggest research on global market practices regarding equity-based compensation. read more ...

Equity driving performance and ownership culture

Equity-based compensation drives company performance

Companies take strong measures to develop a corporate equity culture. Results from the recent Global Equity Insights Survey. The hkp///group study is conducted in cooperation with the Global Equity Organization GEO read more ...

Employee participation as hkp/// group focus

Commitment to employee participation rewarded

Siemens, Equatex and hkp/// group receive Star Award of the Global Equity Organization GEO in Orlando. Commitment to employee equity-based participation in Germany rewarded. read more ...

Verena Vandervelt and David Voggeser interviewed by

Simple doesn't necessarily mean bad

For more and more HR departments, grading systems are becoming a matter of top priority – partly because of legal pressure to ensure transparency over pay, and partly as a prerequisite for dynamic, business-oriented HR management. read more ...

Agile versus classic position evaluation

The potential of modern Grading

Looking back on the Prototyping Day "Agile Grading" with leading German corporations read more ...

David Voggeser and Andrew Thain interviewed by

Equity-based compensation works

Equity-based compensation works - this is the major conclusion of the Global Equity Insights Survey 2017, an annual analysis of international market practice in the area of equity-based compensation. read more ...

Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser interviewed by

Grading as enabler for compensation transparency

How grading or job evaluation systems can help to fulfill employees’ right on information under the new Pay Transparency Act. spoke to hkp/// group experts Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser. read more ... spoke to Isabel Jahn and David Voggeser

Greater Transparency for greater Wage Equality

What should companies be doing to achieve greater equality of salaries and income for men and women in light of the new draft legislation from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth? read more ...

On-Site-Support: Case Study Global variable Compensation

Designing and Implementing a Global System of variable Compensation

Case study on hkp/// group's on-site support revising the system of variable compensation and related performance management processes for executives of a global tech company, introducing a new level of professionalism. read more ... interview with Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser

Putting company car policies to the test

Company cars are highly desired status symbols for non-tariff employees. However, changing employee preferences, technological advance and greater environmental awareness mean that companies need to take action in this area. read more ... speaks to Dr. Harriet Sebald and Joachim Kayser

This Side of Utopia: Performance Management and Reward

Performance management and how it impacts the way companies pay and develop executives and employees continues to be a topic that dominates the HR agenda. An interview on current trends and their impact. read more ...

Interview with Joachim Kayser and David Voggeser

Über den vermeintlichen Vorteil unlimitierter Vertriebsprovisionen

In Aussicht gestelltes Geld wirkt positiv verhaltensstimulierend! Einblicke in Kernfragen von Führung und Vergütung im Vertrieb. read more ...

Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser on compensation benchmarks

Management information, not data salad

Offering a competitive total compensation package is a key factor in attracting and retaining talented individuals for critical roles in companies. Firms need an overview of the compensation situation in their specific industry. read more ...

hkp/// group Interview

Sales compensation should reward actual sales success

Challenges of developing effective sales compensation systems, in particular using hard and soft business targets. read more ...

Personnel Support and Interim Management


Whether you a need an experienced senior manager to take charge of your HR department or a team of young consultants to help you implement a new HR tool, we have the right solution for you. read more ...

Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser interviewed by

Company cars: Driving e-mobility?

Germans have long been fascinated by automobiles – cars in general, and company cars in particular. But is that still the case today? hkp/// group experts Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser on changes in company car regulations. read more ...

New Partner at hkp/// group

Carsten Schlichting joins hkp///

Bei hkp/// tritt mit Carsten Schlichting zum Juni 2012 ein ausgewiesener Experte für das Talent- und Performance Management sowie für Aspekte des HR-Managements im Mittelstand als neuer Partner ein. read more ...

Next event
Grading - stable agile!?

Like many personnel instruments, grading is in flux. Which changes really make sense? Exchange ideas with experts and practitioners at the hkp/// group Business Breakfast.

19. September 2019, München

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