During the previous decade, hkp/// group has analyzed compensation levels and structures of executives in a variety of countries around the globe, revealing highly relevant international compensation trends: Over the last years, compensation levels of top and middle managers (hkp/// Executive Levels 8 to 10) in BRIC or developing countries have been catching up compared with compensation levels in Europe. For example, looking at target direct compensation, Top Executives in China already see considerably higher compensation amounts than their colleagues in Europe. They are even starting to close the gap to Top Executives in the USA, who remain at the top of the international compensation ranking (see Figure 1).

Fresh insights from the hkp/// group GEN survey reveal fascinating similarities in executive compensation across the globe – like a relatively small impact of company size – but also intriguing country-specific singularities, such as the particular effect of age and seniority in executive compensation e.g. in Germany and France.

Petra Knab-Hägele, Senior Partner hkp/// group


This trend also holds for Brazil, although not to the same degree: Top Executives here still fall somewhat behind their international colleagues but have seen a significant increase