Viktoria Jahn and Petra Knab-Hägele interviewed by

Corporate start-ups: Combining the best of both worlds doesn’t work

More and more established companies are founding or buying start-ups. hkp/// group experts Viktoria Jahn and Petra Knab-Hägele explain, how these corporate start-ups are organizationally linked and how they compensate. read more ...

Results of the hkp/// group study "Pay for Pioneers 2020 – Organization & Compensation in Corporate Start-ups"

Corporate start-ups: fewer compromises, more success

The hkp/// group study "Pay for Pioneers" has investigated the organizational integration of and compensation systems in corporate start-ups in Germany and highlights key aspects for the success of these projects. read more ...

Global assessment of current market practice regarding equity-based compensation

Participate now: Global Equity Insights 2021

Participate in the Global Equity Insights Survey 2021 - the leading global assessment of current market practice and trends regarding equity-based compensation. You will receive the survey results by completing the questionnaire. read more ...

David Voggeser & Leon Jacob interviewed by

Retain for Success: Employee retention for the upswing

In an interview with, the hkp/// group experts David Voggeser and Leon Jacob report on the balancing act of having to build up and reduce staff at the same time - and, above all, to retain employees who are critical to success. read more ...

Immer auf dem neuesten Stand - mit Comp&Ben-Trainings der hkp/// group

Comp&Ben-Trainings at top level!

The challenges facing HR and Comp&Ben are constantly changing due to regulatory developments, digitalization and transformation. The hkp/// group’s compensation & benefits training events at Tower 185 ensure you are up to speed. read more ...

Dr. Christine Abel and Nina Grochowitzki interviewed by

Measurable targets in unpredictable times - the award of LTIs during the COVID-19 crisis

Variable Compensation: What should be done with the award of Long Term Incentives (LTIs) for 2020? The compensation experts Dr. Christine Abel and Nina Grochowitzki provide answers in an interview with read more ...

Results of the Global Equity Insights Survey 2020

Strong tool in times of uncertainty: Equity-based compensation

Ownership and employee engagement are the key objectives of equity-based compensation for companies worldwide, according to the recent Global Equity Insights Survey from the management consultancy hkp/// group. read more ...

Overview on Global ExecuNet (GEN) survey 2019 results

Innovative gender pay gap analyses in selected countries worldwide

hkp/// group has examined top executive compensation in a global context. This article gives insights on compensation differences between female and male managers in selected countries world-wide. read more ...

Jennifer S. Schulz and Verena Vandervelt interviewed by

Insights on the gender pay gap in selected countries worldwide

The gender pay gap - as well as the methodology behind its calculation – has been widely discussed. Jennifer Schulz and Verena Vandervelt talk about the hkp/// group approach and the gender pay gap in selected countries worldwide. read more ...

Compensation expert John Pfeiffer in hkp/// group Remote Talk with Constantin Härthe

Meeting the challenges of sales compensation

Sales and sales compensation were subject to strong trends even before COVID-19. hkp/// group expert John Pfeiffer explains what has changed due to the corona crisis and how sales compensation can be part of the solution. read more ...

hkp/// group experts Petra Knab-Hägele and Isabel Jahn interviewed by

Dividends and bonuses: Financial service providers in times of crisis

COVID-19 is forcing drastic measures. Are dividends and bonus payments appropriate in times like these? Petra Knab-Hägele and Isabel Jahn explain how banks and insurance companies are positioning themselves and which approaches they use. read more ...

hkp/// group experts Dr. Christine Abel and John Pfeiffer interviewed by

Grading in times of crisis: increased focus on structural costs

Grading can play a key role in managing the crisis - by enhancing efficiency as a holistic navigator for the organization. Dr. Christine Abel and John Pfeiffer reveal background information and details in an interview with read more ...

hkp/// group's compensation experts Petra Knab-Hägele and Michael H. Kramarsch interviewed by

COVID-19: Converting solidarity-based contributions into employee ownership

hkp/// group experts Petra Knab-Hägele and Michael H. Kramarsch in conversation with about the flexible conversion of bonus payments and solidarity-based contributions to employee stock options or alternative forms of ownership. read more ...

International HR and compensation expert strengthens the executive compensation business

John Pfeiffer new Senior Manager at hkp/// group

Beginning January 1, 2020, John Pfeffer joins hkp/// group as new Senior Manager. The international HR and compensation expert with experience in the raw materials and energy sector strengthens the executive compensation business. read more ...

Participate and benefit from exclusive market insight

Pay for Pioneers – Start-up Compensation Survey 2.0

How does attractive compensation look like in start-ups? This is the key question hkp/// group's start-up study deals with for the second time. Participate now and benefit from exclusive market insights! read more ...

Dr. Christine Abel and Jennifer S. Schulz interviewed by

Identifying and eliminating the gender pay gap

Many companies have put their compensation levels and processes to the cross-gender fairness test. talked to hkp/// group experts Dr. Christine Abel and Jennifer S. Schulz. read more ...

Jouco Bleeker and Barry Kitz interviewed by

Global Pay Trends on the Agenda

The change of work and compensation makes measuring and comparing compensation of executives worldwide tough. talked to hkp/// Remunet Managing Director Jouco Bleeker and Barry Kitz, Global ExecuNet Network Manager. read more ... interviewing Dr. Christine Abel and Petra Knab-Hägele

Grading: Renaissance in difficult times

Many companies consider cost-cutting measures. At the same time, hkp/// group is experiencing an increased demand for job evaluation and grading projects. talks to Dr. Christine Abel and Petra Knab-Hägele. read more ...

David Voggeser and Florian Hauser interviewed by

Miracle Cure Spot Bonuses?

Many companies cut the link between individual performance and variable compensation and instead use spot bonuses for individual differentiation. David Voggeser and Florian Hauser on advantages and disadvantages of this instrument. read more ...

Results of the Global Equity Insights Survey 2019

Entrepreneurship driven by equity-based compensation

Entrepreneurship and ownership are the key objectives of equity-based compensation for companies worldwide, according to the recent Global Equity Insights Survey from the management consultancy hkp/// group. read more ... talks with Martina Schüpbach and Johanna Rewald

Transparency as an opportunity!

In times of digitalization, company data transparency and its significance for talent and compensation management is also an issue undergoing changes. Companies should approach the topic with a critical but proactive eye. read more ...

hkp/// group Analysis “Executive and Non-Executive Director Compensation in Europe 2018”

Top Management Compensation in Europe

Compensation for CEOs in leading European companies has risen by approximately eight percent due to a record high at Anheuser-Busch InBev. Special effects distort the overall picture: Excluding Anheuser-Busch, the increase was only 0.8%. read more ...

Simply and accurately determine functions' value

Grading / Job Evaluation

Grading forms the basis of processes such as talent management and compensation policies as well as supporting the implementation of regulatory/legal requirements. read more ...

Interview with Jennifer S. Schulz and Verena Vandervelt

How top executives get compensated internationally

For the seventh year in a row, the hkp/// group has analyzed the compensation of international top executives. The result: Compensation levels in emerging markets are still approaching those in Western countries. read more ...

David Voggeser and Andrew Thain interviewed by

Current Market Practice on Equity-based Compensation

In 2019, hkp/// group and the Global Equity Organization once again conduct the Global Equity Insights study - the biggest research on global market practices regarding equity-based compensation. read more ...

Verena Vandervelt and David Voggeser interviewed by

Simple doesn't necessarily mean bad

For more and more HR departments, grading systems are becoming a matter of top priority – partly because of legal pressure to ensure transparency over pay, and partly as a prerequisite for dynamic, business-oriented HR management. read more ...

Developing and implementing individual grading solutions

Job Evaluation & Grading

Job evaluation is an important basis for talent management, remuneration policy and new requirements, such as gender pay gap analyses. But many companies feel that the established analytical approaches are no longer fit for purpose. read more ...

Individual Solutions based on the relevant Standards

Total Rewards, Remuneration Strategy & Principles

One of the most critical tools for sustainable corporate success is developing a budget-sensitive and efficient remuneration strategy that meets the needs of an organization’s employees. That is the challenge. read more ...

Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser interviewed by

Grading as enabler for compensation transparency

How grading or job evaluation systems can help to fulfill employees’ right on information under the new Pay Transparency Act. spoke to hkp/// group experts Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser. read more ... spoke to Isabel Jahn and David Voggeser

Greater Transparency for greater Wage Equality

What should companies be doing to achieve greater equality of salaries and income for men and women in light of the new draft legislation from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth? read more ...

On-Site-Support: Case Study Global variable Compensation

Designing and Implementing a Global System of variable Compensation

Case study on hkp/// group's on-site support revising the system of variable compensation and related performance management processes for executives of a global tech company, introducing a new level of professionalism. read more ... interview with Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser

Putting company car policies to the test

Company cars are highly desired status symbols for non-tariff employees. However, changing employee preferences, technological advance and greater environmental awareness mean that companies need to take action in this area. read more ... speaks to Dr. Harriet Sebald and Joachim Kayser

This Side of Utopia: Performance Management and Reward

Performance management and how it impacts the way companies pay and develop executives and employees continues to be a topic that dominates the HR agenda. An interview on current trends and their impact. read more ...

Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser on compensation benchmarks

Management information, not data salad

Offering a competitive total compensation package is a key factor in attracting and retaining talented individuals for critical roles in companies. Firms need an overview of the compensation situation in their specific industry. read more ...

Reliable market data and tailor-made grading systems

Surveys and research on compensation levels, structures and systems

To win top talent and keep it in the company long term, companies must make sure their employees feel that their compensation levels are fair, compared both to the going market rates and to positions of similar standing within the firm. read more ...

Finding, motivating and binding employees

Developing a compensation strategy

Companies use compensation as a tool for recruiting the right people at the right time, binding them to the organization and motivating them to achieve the company's goals. read more ...

Turning employees into owners

Equity-based compensation and employee share purchase plans

Equity-based compensation is an effective tool for aligning the interests of executives, employees and shareholders. It turns employees into owners and incentivizes employees to contribute to sustainable success. read more ...

Setting challenging yet achievable targets as a key success factor

Calibrating long-term incentive systems

The calibration of performance targets – how the target levels are set for long-terms incentives or LTIs – has a decisive impact on the incentivization of executives and other staff. read more ...

Competitive and fair remuneration

Compensation management

For executives and other staff to show long-term loyalty to a company, they must feel that the compensation they receive is fair both in terms of normal market rates and compared to other jobs of similar importance within the firm. read more ...

Following international best practices and national regulatory

Valuation of equity-based compensation

hkp/// group has many years of experience in the valuation of equity-based compensation instruments for accounting purposes whether for client projects, published studies or in our capacity as experts. read more ...

From consulting to operational on-site support

Operational compensation management as support of the HR function

The challenges facing HR departments are many and varied: changes in corporate strategy, new organizational structures, developments in regulations, shifting operations. read more ...

Understandable and action guiding

Communicating and implementing incentive systems

Incentive systems are only successful if the executives and other staff they affect fully understand them and gear their mindset and behavior toward the goals they contain. read more ...

Sustainable compensation systems that support the company's performance

Sales compensation

Sales functions vary widely. As a result, standardized incentive systems are often ineffective – and standardized compensation systems even more so. read more ...

Keeping up with the market and company's needs

Variable compensation systems

Incentives are highly effective. This is both good and bad news for companies. Good news in that variable compensation, whether annual or multiannual in structure, is a powerful management tool. read more ...

hkp/// group Interview

Sales compensation should reward actual sales success

Challenges of developing effective sales compensation systems, in particular using hard and soft business targets. read more ...

Personnel Support and Interim Management


Whether you a need an experienced senior manager to take charge of your HR department or a team of young consultants to help you implement a new HR tool, we have the right solution for you. read more ...

Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser interviewed by

Company cars: Driving e-mobility?

Germans have long been fascinated by automobiles – cars in general, and company cars in particular. But is that still the case today? hkp/// group experts Carsten Schlichting and David Voggeser on changes in company car regulations. read more ...

Support for implementing, appointing and training

Compensation control committees, compensation officers and compensation control reports

hkp/// group helps organizations with implementing the compensation officer function at banks, with the appointment of officers, their ongoing training and the exercise of their duties. read more ...

Disclosing compensation data

Compensation reports

Working alongside you, hkp/// group draws up compensation reports based on your compensation systems. These reports take into account the full depth and breadth of information required by the relevant legislation. read more ...

Focus on regulations and incentives

Sales compensation in retail and corporate banking

At hkp/// group, we understand the business and sales concepts used by financial institutions. As a result, we are able to develop models for sales functions that provide incentives, while ensuring compliance with regulations. read more ...

Checking regulations, structure and best-practice requirements

Evaluating supervisory boards under the requirements of the German Banking Act (KWG)

With the European Center for Board Efficiency, hkp/// group has developed an evaluation for checking the regulatory requirements for the supervisory board's work, and at the same time monitoring the best-practice requirements. read more ...

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