Isabel Jahn and Holger Jungk intiewed by

Strategic personnel planning during periods of crisis, part 1: the financial sector looks back at the role of strategic personnel planning in past crises. Can conclusions be drawn for today's situation and other industries? Isabel Jahn and Holger Jungk interviewed by read more ...

Mitarbeiterbindung in der Krise: Fluktuationskosten senken, Leistungsträger halten

The hkp/// group Retention Management Toolbox

Cost and process optimization, restructuring and downsizing are key concepts in times of crisis. At the same time, it is important to retain important talents. The Retention Management Toolbox supports you in this. read more ...

David Voggeser & Leon Jacob interviewed by

Retain for Success: Employee retention for the upswing

In an interview with, the hkp/// group experts David Voggeser and Leon Jacob report on the balancing act of having to build up and reduce staff at the same time - and, above all, to retain employees who are critical to success. read more ...

Danielle Software & Service and Userlane scoop the coveted start-up prize

Twin winners of HR Start-up Award 2020

HR Management Congress awards first place to solution for agile staff organization and software learning tool: Danielle Software & Service and Userlane scoop the coveted start-up prize. read more ...

Leon Jacob @ the Employee Experience conference in London

Design Thinking for Employee Experience

Leon Jacob explains how Design Thinking helps to design the Employee Experience. In April he will teach you how to turn employees into fans using agile methods: at the EX Design Bootcamp in Frankfurt. read more ...

Leon Jacob and Frank Gierschmann interviewed by

AI in talent management—everyone’s talking about it, but is anyone doing it?

The hkp/// group experts Frank Gierschmann and Leon Jacob discuss the current use of artificial intelligence and modern technology in talent management. read more ...

Dr. Jan Dörrwächter and Frank Gierschmann interviewed by

Succession Planning - key task of Supervisory Boards

Why succession planning for managing board positions is an essential element of risk management within the company and what supervisory boards need to be aware of. Dr. Jan Dörrwächter and Frank Gierschmann interviewed by read more ...

BPM-Präsidiumsmitglied Felicitas von Kyaw und hkp/// group Experte Leon Jacob im Interview

Employee Experience: a factor for success

Felicitas von Kyaw, Präsidiumsmitglied im Bundesverband der Personalmanager (BPM), im Gespräch mit Leon Jacob, Senior Manager hkp/// group, zu dem agilen Trendthema Employee Experience. read more ...

Press Information - results of the study "HR drives digital"

Digitalization: HR is catching up

HR organizations have caught up with digitalization but are not yet active as digital drivers in companies. These are the main findings of the study "HR drives digital" by hkp/// group and Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Lörrach (DHBW). read more ...

hkp/// group Innovation Lab - the new event format

Creating HR Transformation

In spring 2019 a new event format started: the hkp/// group Innovation Lab. HR experts, forward thinkers as well as corporate professionals came together discussing solutions for the transformation of the personnel management. read more ... talks with Martina Schüpbach and Johanna Rewald

Transparency as an opportunity!

In times of digitalization, company data transparency and its significance for talent and compensation management is also an issue undergoing changes. Companies should approach the topic with a critical but proactive eye. read more ...

Leon Jacob talks to

The HR Products Challenge

In an event series by the German Association for HR managers (BPM) and hkp /// group, employee-oriented solutions for HR products were developed in 2018 by using EX design. Leon Jacob explains the challenges (in German). read more ...

Addressing potential candidates directly instead of using sophisticated aptitude testing

Recruiting Experts

Traditional recruitment methods often doesn’t fit to the requirements of expert candidates. What’s needed is a change of perspective – as Frank Gierschmann and Laura Hohmann, consultants at the hkp/// group, explain. read more ...

Dr Harriet Sebald and Johannes Brinkkötter talking to

Digitalization and Agility: New Approaches in HR

hkp/// group is inviting guests to a new kind of event: The hkp/// Innovation Lab. The initiators of the new event format, Dr Harriet Sebald and Johannes Brinkkötter, were talking to read more ... interview with Regine Siepmann and Frank Gierschmann

Succession Planning as essential Corporate Governance Aspect

The hkp/// group Survey “Succession planning for board members” shows: A functioning succession plan is still a central element enabling to fill vacancies as quickly as possible with the best suited candidates. read more ...

Dr. Jan Dörrwächter and Leon Jacob interviewed by

Performance Management in the Energy Sector

The energy industry is changing. A lot is demanded of the people shaping this revolution: agility, new skills, driving changes and much more. Performance management can take on a key role. read more ...

Redesigning Performance and Talent Management Systems

Best Practice and Fit for Purpose

Many firms are busy redesigning their performance and talent management systems. What trends and developments in the market should they follow, and which can they safely ignore? spoke to Laura Hohmann und Leon Jacob. read more ...

Agile working methods in HR projects

Scrum, Design Thinking, Hackathons & Co.

Agile working methods are increasingly popular in HR projects. What opportunities and challenges come with them? And what should personnel management be aware of when using them? spoke to Leon Jacob and Nils Meier. read more ...

Work 4.0 as a challenge for HR

Talent Management in the Age of Digitization

Discussions about the future of work are often labeled by the catchword “work 4.0”. HR and especially Talent Management are confronted with fundamental challenges. spoke to hkp/// group experts Laura Hohmann and Leon Jacob. read more ...

Internal hkp/// group Talent Pool

hkp/// group management team grows

On January 1, 2017 Regine Siepmann and Frank Gierschmann were appointed Partners, members of Group management and members of the management team at hkp/// group read more ... speaks to Dr. Harriet Sebald and Joachim Kayser

This Side of Utopia: Performance Management and Reward

Performance management and how it impacts the way companies pay and develop executives and employees continues to be a topic that dominates the HR agenda. An interview on current trends and their impact. read more ...

Talent acquisition in an applicant-driven Environment

How can Companies leverage Recruiting to drive Success? spoke to hkp/// group expert Frank Gierschmann about the necessary transformation of recruiting practices and how professionals in the field need to adapt. read more ...

Interview with Joachim Kayser and David Voggeser

Über den vermeintlichen Vorteil unlimitierter Vertriebsprovisionen

In Aussicht gestelltes Geld wirkt positiv verhaltensstimulierend! Einblicke in Kernfragen von Führung und Vergütung im Vertrieb. read more ...

Frank Gierschmann and Leon Jacob interviewed by

Between Pain, Innovation and Feasibility

Performance Management is changing. In today’s dynamic markets, the traditional approach of a standardized, annual process comes under increasing pressure. read more ...

Personnel Support and Interim Management


Whether you a need an experienced senior manager to take charge of your HR department or a team of young consultants to help you implement a new HR tool, we have the right solution for you. read more ...

Laura Hohmann and Regine Siepmann interviewed by

Succession planning for executive management

The latest hkp/// study shows that companies whether based in Germany or Austria or Switzerland attach the utmost importance on finding the best candidates to fill vacant executive management positions. read more ...

Gender quotas in business

What should companies be doing?

How to increase the proportion of women in management in the long term? spoke to hkp/// group experts Leon Jacob and Laura Hohmann. read more ...

Frank Gierschmann interviewed by

Self-nomination – an alternative Approach to Talent Management

The hkp/// Talent Pulse Survey "Self-nomination in talent management" reveals that more often German companies are using "self-nomination", a system whereby staff take on more responsibility for their own development. read more ...

Online Tool to deal with Corporate Culture

The hkp/// Recruitomat

The hkp/// group Experts Dr. Harriet Sebald and Frank Gierschmann on the new online tool of hkp/// group allowing applicants to deal with the topic corporate culture in a fun yet serious way. read more ...

Case Study Performance Management

Global Performance Management

By presenting a concrete case study hkp/// group experts Frank Gierschmann and Joachim Kayser show an example for designing and implementing a global performance management process. read more ...

Performance und Talent Management rückt stärker in den Fokus

hkp/// stärkt Talent Management Practice

Mit Frank Gierschmann wechselt ein gestandener Praktiker im Führungskräfte-Management in die Unternehmensberatung read more ...

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