Conducting external market comparisons

Surveys & Benchmarking

Finding the “right” level and structure for staff remuneration is a sensitive issue. Remuneration surveys and individual benchmarks can help to find answers for remuneration policy decisions. read more ...

Petra Knab-Hägele and Holger Jungk interviewed by

HR digitization in banks: the crisis as a catalyst

Fintechs and online provider have long been challenging traditional banks. Now the corona crisis is increasing the pressure to become more efficient digitally. HR can contribute to this. Petra Knab-Hägele and Holger Jungk explain how. read more ...

hkp/// group experts Petra Knab-Hägele and Isabel Jahn interviewed by

Dividends and bonuses: Financial service providers in times of crisis

COVID-19 is forcing drastic measures. Are dividends and bonus payments appropriate in times like these? Petra Knab-Hägele and Isabel Jahn explain how banks and insurance companies are positioning themselves and which approaches they use. read more ...

hkp/// group appoints Isabel Jahn as Partner

Financial services expert as new member of the Management Board

Isabel Jahn, an expert in HR and compensation management for financial service providers, is new partner and board member at management consulting firm hkp/// group. read more ...

Translating business objectives into individual performance requirements

Performance & Talent Management

Businesses in the financial services sector are increasingly focused on finding and developing the right kind of talents, and also on designing efficient processes for both cost and succession planning. read more ...

Support by consulting and management experience

Transformation, Consolidation and Restructuring

Banks, insurance companies, asset managers and financial service providers are under increasing pressure to rethink their business models and internal structures, with far-reaching changes often being inevitable. read more ...

The various regulatory requirements pose a variety of questions for regulated companies

Regulatory Framework

The German InstitutsVergV and VersVergV, and the EU Guidelines on Sound Remuneration Policies etc. have raised the stakes for companies to operate both efficiently and regulatory compliant. read more ...

Developing and implementing individual grading solutions

Job Evaluation & Grading

Job evaluation is an important basis for talent management, remuneration policy and new requirements, such as gender pay gap analyses. But many companies feel that the established analytical approaches are no longer fit for purpose. read more ...

Supporting strategy and rewarding success

Incentive and Bonus Systems

Short- or long-term bonuses, payment in cash or instruments, a stake or via a carried interest scheme? Remuneration systems must support strategy so that objectives are achieved and success is rewarded appropriately. read more ...

The appropriateness of remuneration systems and payments

Management & Supervisory Board Compensation

Public and media interest on the one hand, and demanding requirements of regulators and investors on the other, must be reflected in the compensation schemes of chief executives, management and supervisory boards. read more ...

Remuneration systems that meet the requirements of various divisions and functions

Compensation for Specific Employee Groups

The remuneration systems landscape has become extremely complex due to variable compensation for risk bearers being abolished, and risk-adjusted pay being introduced for executives, experts and autonomous monitoring units. read more ...

Individual Solutions based on the relevant Standards

Total Rewards, Remuneration Strategy & Principles

One of the most critical tools for sustainable corporate success is developing a budget-sensitive and efficient remuneration strategy that meets the needs of an organization’s employees. That is the challenge. read more ...

Overview IVV rule changes

Clawbacks and stricter rules on compensation

The new Institutsvergütungsverordnung brings stricter compensation regulations for banks in Germany - among others by clawbacks. read more ... spoke to Isabel Jahn and David Voggeser

Greater Transparency for greater Wage Equality

What should companies be doing to achieve greater equality of salaries and income for men and women in light of the new draft legislation from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth? read more ...

Personnel Support and Interim Management


Whether you a need an experienced senior manager to take charge of your HR department or a team of young consultants to help you implement a new HR tool, we have the right solution for you. read more ...

Petra Knab-Hägele interviewed by

When compensation regulation misses the mark

On December 21, 2015 the EBA published its final "Guidelines on sound remuneration policies and disclosures" as required by the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV). Petra Knab-Hägele on contents and consequences. read more ...

Between regulatory Requirements and voluntary Best Practice

Evaluating Supervisory and Executive Committees at Financial Institutions

Initially somewhat overlooked, the January 2014 amendments to the German Banking Act (KWG) tightened up the requirements for evaluating supervisory committees at financial institutions. spoke to Petra Knab-Hägele and Joachim Kayser. read more ...

Individual performance management systems

Measurement and sustainable compensation for management bodies and risk takers

hkp/// group helps companies design and implement risk-adjusted performance measurement processes at an institutional and organizational level. We also develop suitable incentive and performance parameters for risk takers. read more ...

Support for implementing, appointing and training

Compensation control committees, compensation officers and compensation control reports

hkp/// group helps organizations with implementing the compensation officer function at banks, with the appointment of officers, their ongoing training and the exercise of their duties. read more ...

Disclosing compensation data

Compensation reports

Working alongside you, hkp/// group draws up compensation reports based on your compensation systems. These reports take into account the full depth and breadth of information required by the relevant legislation. read more ...

Focus on regulations and incentives

Sales compensation in retail and corporate banking

At hkp/// group, we understand the business and sales concepts used by financial institutions. As a result, we are able to develop models for sales functions that provide incentives, while ensuring compliance with regulations. read more ...

Checking regulations, structure and best-practice requirements

Evaluating supervisory boards under the requirements of the German Banking Act (KWG)

With the European Center for Board Efficiency, hkp/// group has developed an evaluation for checking the regulatory requirements for the supervisory board's work, and at the same time monitoring the best-practice requirements. read more ...

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