During crises, companies often secure short-term liquidity via various types of loans, subsidies and grants from a variety of sources. The aim is to avoid running into long-term financial difficulties during the uncertainty of a recession. In addition, HR management tools such as short-time working, which is widely established in Germany, are also used. There are, however, also numerous medium and long-term measures, which enable the reduction of personnel costs and optimization of employee requirements.

Personnel costs: the cost pools

The measures for reducing personnel costs can be roughly divided into four categories:

  1. Working hours

  2. Compensation and benefits, including company pension scheme

  3. Personnel structure

  4. Personnel-related cost pools

Overall, the following applies for all measures: the more challenging the crisis situation, the more restrictive the measures to be taken. A coherent overall concept and communication that is as transparent as possible are crucial for success.

Restructuring or transformation? hkp/// group experts are there to support you

hkp/// group experts provide professional project management-based support on site or in a remote capacity for the management of personnel costs, planning and implementation of restructuring and transformation as well as for strategic personnel requirements. According to your needs, we focus on all relevant, directly and indirectly personnel-related areas. Possible projects include the selection of appropriate measures, their planning, implementation and communication as well as subsequent monitoring and management of the implementation.

Author Petra Knab-Hägele

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