The hkp/// group Strategic Compensation Management Survey offers unique insights into compensation, personnel and organizational structures and the associated costs to decision-makers, especially from companies with high organizational complexity. The added value lies particularly in the combination of the three areas of compensation, performance and organization, which are crucial for operational and strategic positioning and planning. Evaluations within the framework of the hkp/// group participant survey are an effective basis for decision-making for every HR manager or organization manager with relevance for the top management level.

Details on survey content and structure

Information on quantity structures and management structures form the basis for assessing profitability in the survey. Thanks to the integration of individual compensation levels and the derivation of structural costs the evaluations gain the necessary reliability and informative value.

In addition to classic information on compensation (basic salary, one-year and multi-year variable compensation, company pension plan, etc.), key figures on company performance are analyzed (EBIT, EBITDA, sales, etc.). At the organizational level, the classic information on full-time employees (FTE) is collected per value level, in various functional areas and in various business units – both in relation to Germany and worldwide. In addition, details such as quotas of non-tariff employees, the proportion of management, expert and project management functions per level as well as information on the organizational structure of the HR department are recorded and compared.

The hkp/// group Strategic Compensation Management Survey not only provides decision-makers with insights into standard market compensation levels, structures and systems, but also into the efficiency and performance of their own organization compared to the competition. The integration into HR analytics systems can further increase the informative value of the survey data and analyses.

In addition to content-related analyses, survey participation also includes an exchange group with managers from Compensation & Benefits and company organization for regular discussion of knowledge and practical experience.


Insights example

The following hkp// group Workforce & Compensation Insights are based on evaluations conducted as part of the hkp// group Strategic Compensation Management Survey. 

They show exemplary evaluations from the areas covered by the survey, which are essential for operational and strategic positioning and planning: Compensation, Performance and Organization. 


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