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Compensation expert John Pfeiffer in hkp/// group Remote Talk with Constantin Härthe

Meeting the challenges of sales compensation

Sales and sales compensation were subject to strong trends even before COVID-19. hkp/// group expert John Pfeiffer explains what has changed due to the corona crisis and how sales compensation can be part of the solution. read more ...

hkp/// group experts Petra Knab-Hägele and Isabel Jahn interviewed by

Dividends and bonuses: Financial service providers in times of crisis

COVID-19 is forcing drastic measures. Are dividends and bonus payments appropriate in times like these? Petra Knab-Hägele and Isabel Jahn explain how banks and insurance companies are positioning themselves and which approaches they use. read more ...

Nina Grochowitzki and Dr. Pia Lünstroth interviewed by

General meetings in a world of COVID-19: Uncharted digital territory for companies and shareholders

General Meetings will look somewhat different due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Nina Grochowitzki and Dr. Pia Lünstroth explain what the Supervisory Board and the Management Board need to prepare for, especially in compensation matters. read more ...

hkp/// group experts Dr. Christine Abel and John Pfeiffer interviewed by

Grading in times of crisis: increased focus on structural costs

Grading can play a key role in managing the crisis - by enhancing efficiency as a holistic navigator for the organization. Dr. Christine Abel and John Pfeiffer reveal background information and details in an interview with read more ...

An article by Pay Governance - strategic alliance partner of hkp/// group for North America and Asia

Is a Replacement for Short-Term Incentive Plans Right for You?

When it comes to 2020 incentive arrangements for calendar-year-end companies, COVID-19’s arrival in the United States could not have come at a worse time. read more ...

hkp/// group's compensation experts Petra Knab-Hägele and Michael H. Kramarsch interviewed by

COVID-19: Converting solidarity-based contributions into employee ownership

hkp/// group experts Petra Knab-Hägele and Michael H. Kramarsch in conversation with about the flexible conversion of bonus payments and solidarity-based contributions to employee stock options or alternative forms of ownership. read more ...

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HR Effizienz vs. Customer Experience

Wie kann HR schlanker und kundenzentrierter aus der Krise hervorgehen? Erfahrene HR-Praktiker erläutern vor Ort oder per Livestream, wie sich das HR-Leistungsportfolio optimieren und die Zukunft des Personalmanagements gestalten lässt.

23. September 2020

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