The participating HR leaders experienced an inspiring mixture of contributions: hkp/// group experts Dr. Harriet Sebald and Johannes Brinkkötter set the scene describing different challenges HR is confronted with in terms of digitalization and agile organization models.

Steffen Welsch from Tandemploy explained how to bring new work to life and how to enable organizations putting employees’ needs at the core. For them, the digital connection of employees is crucial for companies aiming to make their people part of the solution.

Corporate professionals like Lena Kaltenmeier, Global Head of HR at AirPlus International, also underlined the need of customer-centric approaches as an important part of one of the main tasks of HR: ensuring employees have the right environment to work in effectively. In this regard, Mrs Kaltenmeier articulated: “Purpose is key!”

After contributions like this, participants inspired each other by discussing their story on present challenges and already mastered missions, facilitated by hkp/// group expert Leon Jacob, who pointed out ideas in the wrap-up session.

You’ll get an idea of how all of these points looked like in the following event movie from the kick-of session at the hkp/// group office in Frankfurt.

Thanks a lot to the contributors who made also the sessions in Munich and Stuttgart a great success:
-    Anna Kaiser, CEO of Tandemploy
-    Ursula Schwarzenbart, General Manager, Talent Development and Global Diversity Management, Daimler AG
-    Dr. Uwe Schirmer, SVP Corporate HR, Policies & Labor Relations, Robert Bosch GmbH

We look forward to the next future dialogue – at the hkp/// group Innovation Lab.

Author Dr. Harriet Sebald

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