To win top talent and keep it in the company long term, companies must make sure their employees feel that their compensation levels are fair, compared both to the going market rates and to positions of similar standing within the firm.

For this purpose, companies need simple, tailor-made grading systems plus reliable market data on compensation levels and systems, frequently for more than just one country.

hkp/// group is a market leader in benchmarking and executive compensation in German-speaking countries. We also have proprietary compensation surveys, studies and chartered networks for more than 50 different countries.

Alongside general surveys and studies carried out with our network of partners, hkp/// group also performs compensation benchmarking for specific functions. Rather than just extracting information from existing databases, our consultants develop recommendations depending on the exact duties and responsibilities of the function. Quality is ensured by using data from our own projects and studies for relevant countries and industries, backed up with information from studies carried out by others.

Author David Voggeser

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