Grading, or job evaluation, has long existed in one form or another. In the past decades, developments have mainly been driven by the United States, where the approach was initially used in the public sector and in some early staff and salary classification systems. Grading is still an effective HR tool today, forming the basis of many processes such as talent management and compensation policies as well as supporting the implementation of regulatory/legal requirements as pay transparency and equality of salaries.

All the more surprising, then, that many firms still fail to use grading systems. The commonest reason is that small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are put off partly by the complexity of the systems available.

To counter this problem, hkp/// group experts developed an own grading system, branded as hkp/// JET. It allows companies to determine the value of different functions accurately, simply, and using just a few pivotal criteria. Based on their many years of experience working in consulting and industry, the hkp/// evaluation specialists have come up with an approach that is user-friendly and can be operated by clients on their own – a system designed by practitioners, for practitioners.

Author Carsten Schlichting

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