In some companies, economically challenging times lead to measures in the areas of cost and process optimization, restructuring and downsizing. However, the resulting fluctuation also leads to high-potential employees leaving the company who are critical to the company's success. The result: high costs for new appointments and the loss of know-how and productivity. To avoid this, targeted employee retention measures are needed.

Four principles to optimize employee retention

To avoid an unwelcome high fluctuation rate and solve retention problems, hkp/// group experts have developed the Retention Management Toolbox. Independent of size and industry, this toolbox offers support based on the following four principles:

  • Identification of target groups, in which a significantly high level of fluctuation is prevalent
  • Determination of the causes of the problem
  • Finding of suitable counter measures
  • Implementation of the counter measures to increase employee loyalty

The hkp/// group Retention Toolbox enables you to get to the root of the employee retention problem and to initiate specific measures using a structured approach. It includes detailed information on carrying out the project as well as the necessary quantitative and qualitative tools, such as interview guidelines, a catalog of measures etc.

Support for self-help: implementation of retention strategy

The carrying out of a retention management analysis does not necessitate the involvement of experts within the company. All that is required to implement the process steps described in the toolbox is a project manager, and possibly a small project team from HR. In addition, hkp/// group experts are available at any time as strategic sparring partners and consultants for questions regarding content as well as process-specific issues.

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