Sales functions vary widely. As a result, standardized incentive systems are often ineffective – and standardized compensation systems even more so. Yet most companies want clients to come back to them time and again, ideally buying products from their ranges more and more frequently.

In practice, incentive systems are often reduced simply to monetary incentives for short-term sales. This ignores the possibility of creating a sales impetus that has a lasting impact on the entire workforce. Companies seldom employ team incentives or take a systematic approach to designing and developing the incentive system. Strengthening intrinsic motivation, coupling variable compensation with team performance and ensuring total costs are in line with market levels.

hkp/// group analyzes companies' sales tasks and suggests holistic solutions, from organizational structure and personnel development to sustainable compensation systems that support the company's performance. Our experts’ advice is not only based on what others are doing in the market: Often, that is founded on decisions made years ago and never systematically evaluated. Instead, we look at what drives sales today – and what will drive sales in the future.

Author John Pfeiffer

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