There are many reasons why companies re-examine their HR organizations and try to optimize them. Costs must be kept down, especially if the company itself is undergoing a fundamental organizational transformation. Also, an ineffective HR department can create a need for change in the operational and organizational structure. Often these factors combine to trigger an HR transformation, the aim of which is to improve the performance of the HR department by introducing new topics and tasks without increasing the costs or size of the department.
As part of the transformation process, the HR department needs to identify how it can organize itself in such a way as to support the new requirements of the company without downgrading the current operational excellence level. It must provide this support as efficiently as possible while at the same time making a contribution to the overall improvement in its performance.
hkp/// group offers comprehensive support for HR transformations, from specifying the goals of the transformation to analyzing, prioritizing and designing a new operational and organizational structure for HR. We also assist with implementation, tailoring our support in line with your needs.
To ensure that the new HR organization is both practical and sustainable over the long term, we recommend that companies talk to other businesses that have experience in transforming particular areas of HR, whether in the same industry or elsewhere. Our consultants can enable and facilitate this best practice exchange and know how transfer.
* Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash
Author Holger Jungk

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