hkp/// RemuNet works on behalf of associations and groups of companies to build and manage Charter Survey Networks that provide quality HR & Compensation benchmarking and exchange of employee policy, performance and productivity.

Our unique combination of ‘member directed’ survey networks, expert advice and services, and advanced HR IT Tools – offer companies the power to reliably compare and analyze their practices and policies to other industry- and qualified market-peers.

Together with the survey networks’ annual meetings and custom online portals, hkp/// RemuNet connects companies in dynamic peer environments which continuously provide valuable insights and market intelligence, and serve as a qualified resource for comprehensive and successful HR and remuneration strategies.

hkp/// RemuNet’s success is based on its ‘proven and transparent’ benchmarking methodologies, solid data validation, and flexible HR IT – all with competition compliance and data confidentiality built-in (as certified by outside experts).

Today hkp/// RemuNet manages over a dozen international survey networks covering over 60 countries. In all we consolidate pay, policy, practice, performance and productivity related data of over 700,000 employees, from non-exempt to senior executives, for diverse industries and many leading Global Fortune 500 companies.

hkp/// RemuNet operates within hkp/// group as a separate and independent company.


Overview Charter Survey Networks

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