The hkp/// group develops and maintains compensation networks and studies. These form a key element of our service portfolio. hkp/// group provides the necessary IT infrastructure and administration set-up for this – all the while ensuring compliance with the highest standards in relation to data security and competition law requirements.

Competitive salaries are a key factor in acquiring, retraining and motivating highly-qualified employees. As such, companies need to retain an overview of their own positioning in their specific market environment as regards salary. External market comparisons and the insights these deliver into market practices with regard to remuneration systems and amounts has therefore become an indispensable basis for the work of decision-makers and experts in compensation management, which requires the utmost quality, role- and sector-specific assessments, transparent evaluations of key salary components as well as efficient technological support.

The hkp/// group offers access to national and international salary market practices using numerous salary studies and individual benchmarks. With salary data on more than 700,000 executives, specialists and other employees across all key industries and more than 60 countries, including data from a number of Global Fortune 500 companies, hkp/// is one of the leading providers of salary comparisons and benchmarks.

Compensation studies and individual benchmarks are two types of salary information services provided by hkp/// group for different requirements.

Author Jennifer S. Schulz

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