As the market leader for executive remuneration in the German-speaking region, the hkp/// group uses hkp/// participant studies, studies based on publicly available information and hkp/// consultancy projects to provide access to vast market practice and remuneration data on more than 700,000 executives, specialists and other employees in major key industries across more than 60 countries. In addition to information on standard market remuneration amounts, our hkp/// database also contains information relating to the structuring of salary systems, job evaluation systems, the structural positioning of companies as well as market practice in terms of other topics such as salary management.

We can use this diverse, extensive and sophisticated database to perform tailored remuneration and structure analyses to support consultancy on a diverse range of issues such as, for instance:

  • Are there salary differences between men and women in your company? Carry out a fair pay analysis now!
  • What are typical structures and volumes for individually-salaried staff (proportion of roles per management tier)?
  • What are the typical percentages of executive and expert roles per pay grade?
  • What is the pattern of position holder-specific traits (e.g. age, length of service, sex) in your company and how does this structure compare with the rest of the market?
  • What do your management structures cost compared to the market?
  • Which factors drive the compensation levels in your company and which are the factors in the comparative market?
  • How sensitive do the payouts of your variable compensation systems react in case of variations in the linked performance targets (e.g. profitability and return measures)“ and how does this compare to the market?

Our remuneration and structure analyses are tailored to your acute needs and include a data analysis and specific recommendations for action. Contact us any time with your individual request, we would be happy to advise you on a suitable analysis concept.

Author Verena Vandervelt

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