Job evaluation (grading) has a long history. Its development has been mainly driven forward in the USA over recent decades, where it started in public administration. But its beginnings can also be found in some early employee and salary classification systems. Grading, or job evaluation, is still an effective instrument in modern HR work and is the basis for a number of processes, such as talent management and remuneration policy. And it also supports compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, such as equal pay and remuneration transparency.

It is therefore astonishing that a large number of businesses still have no job evaluation systems. This is particularly true for the financial services industry. Many of them, especially SMEs, are deterred from using the currently available standard systems because their application can be quite complicated.

This has led experts at hkp/// group to develop its own job evaluation system: hkp/// JET. hkp/// JET can be used to determine the exact value of various functions on the basis of just a handful of key criteria. The many years of consulting and industry experience of our evaluation experts helped to deliver a system that has been created by practitioners for practitioners, is user-friendly and can be used independently by clients.


Author Petra Knab-Hägele

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