There are many challenges facing HR today. Monitoring and mastering them can make a significant contribution to a company's competitive edge. Firms must continuously strive to improve the performance and ability to innovate of their HR departments – something which has become a recurrent topic for many organizations.

HR departments require appropriate resources, scale and technology at going market rates. Issues relating to quality are also growing in importance, such as the skills and expertise of staff working in HR. For the HR function to be effective, the organization needs a flexible and agile structure and a proper and healthy distribution of tasks between a sufficient number of HR professionals, supported by the right technology. Without this, HR will find it hard to meet the growing demand for operational excellence and contribute to dialog about strategy.

To be fully effective and efficient the main areas for improving the performance of HR should be logically aligned with each other. Key levers include:

  • Deriving a robust HR strategy based on business challenges and needs and identifying areas for implementing it including measures for controlling
  • Developing a tailored business and delivery model for the HR department, with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Implementing the HR delivery model including roles responsibilities and processes in the overall organization, taking into account the company's governance and management principles
  • Reviewing the new organizational structure by looking at how it functions in specific cases; in addition,
  • Drawing up detail implementation plans, including: 
    • Putting the technological prerequisites in place
    • Designing and carrying out training for HR staff (HR4HR)
    • Implementing systems for monitoring success

hkp/// group helps companies develop concepts for optimizing and reorganizing their HR business models. We also help with implementation. Our aim is to improve the performance of the HR function through improved processes, optimized IT solutions and better qualified staff. Increased efficiency is possible both in the HR organization as a functional unit and in its individual parts. Our experienced consultants draw on their expertise in HR strategy and process consulting. Moreover, they have broad experience advising companies of different sizes and international footprints from a wide range of different industries.

Author Johannes Brinkkötter

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