Many HR transformations focus on strategic areas such as design, specific topics and positioning. Operating areas are often neglected, as these aspects of HR work are already covered by IT solutions. Yet in many companies, support for HR operations is still fragmented, comprising of a number of different IT and data landscapes.

Significant room for improvement exists here. By bundling services into service centers (or "shared service centers") it is possible to create the capacity needed for new strategic topics and tasks.

hkp/// group helps companies design and implement robust architectures for HR service centers. This can involve setting up a new service center or improving an existing one. Putting the required IT in place is essential for the efficient running of the system, for example through employee and manager self-service solutions.

In addition, hkp/// group helps develop and implement systems for measuring the performance of HR service centers. An HR cockpit can enable firms to measure the performance of other HR functions, too, and forms a good basis for achieving transparency about the overall value add of HR.

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Author Holger Jungk

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