Remuneration systems that meet the requirements of the various divisions and functions are an essential criterion to keep staff highly motivated and turnover low. Yet, growing complexity of system landscapes increases the administrative costs, and it also has a strong influence on both culture and morale within an organization. This then often leads to questions whether certain system elements are relevant and/or required for individual employee groups:

  • Where does the regulatory straitjacket leave any room for company-specific solutions for the pay of risk bearers?
  • Can sales units only be incentivized on the basis uniform targets?
  • Should variable compensation for monitoring units be abolished altogether?
  • Where are the differences between the remuneration systems of executives and those of experts? Do they need to be different in the first place?
  • Can (individual) variable pay be abolished for all employee groups?

hkp/// group industry experts help organizations find answers to these questions, identify company-specific objectives for remuneration and devise systems for individual employee groups. They also identify market trends on the basis of benchmarks and market comparisons. Specific requirements can then derived from them.
Our consultants look at the issues from three perspectives to arrive at the optimal solution:

  • Regulation, i.e necessities and requirements
  • Employees, i.e. benefits and relevance
  • Organization, i.e. in terms of efficient HR management


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Author Isabel Jahn

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