Having the right people at the right costs at the right time in the right place in your organization. This is the purpose of talent management, in a nutshell. But working out what exactly your company needs at present and which products in talent management would be particularly useful requires a closer look.

In the strategic alignment of your talent management, the following questions need to be answered:

  • What types of employee are needed?
  • How are performance and potential defined in the company and how are top performers and high-potential employees identified?
  • How are performance and potential ratings calibrated and how is talent revealed?
  • How is consequence management designed and how should rejected candidates and “losers” be dealt with?
  • What are the expectations for career development and what development paths are offered?
  • How can the right candidates be brought to the right jobs in good time and which KPIs reveal useful information?
  • And many more…

The answers to these questions should take into account higher-level internal and external factors. Internal factors include the company’s strategy, global and regional growth plans and differences or cost focus. External factors include technological change and the associated sector trends, changes in local work markets and demographic developments.

The experts of the hkp/// group provide support to international organizations to answer these key questions. Together with you, we involve the right stakeholders, approach management, executive staff and employees, and develop with your HR department a suitable talent management strategy. In the next step, we help you to develop work packages based on this strategy and implement your strategy in the appropriate talent management processes.

To take stock of the current talent management system and to compile your talent management strategy, we recommend the hkp/// group talent management check-up.


Author Frank Gierschmann

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