Since the German Transparency of Pay Act (EntgTranspG) came into force on July 6th, 2017, more and more German companies are finding themselves faced with the challenge of providing an overview of their own in-house situation with regard to the non-discriminatory payment of men and women. This is often prompted not so much by the obligations arising from this legislation but more due to the interest of internal and external stakeholders as well as the aim of positioning themselves as an attractive and modern employer.

Carrying out an in-depth gender pay gap analysis offers the opportunity to clearly determine the status quo in terms of pay differences, identify potential areas for action and to approach these in a structured manner. hkp/// would be happy to provide you with advice and support on this subject.

Here we place great emphasis on an extensive survey and discussion of all the relevant data elements, influencing factors and drivers, followed by a careful validation of the data to create a valid database for the analysis. Using this as a basis, first the gender pay gap is identified and illustrated descriptively. To allow us to analyze potential areas for action in greater depth, the adjusted gender pay gap is then calculated using reliable statistical methods. Here the value is adjusted by the prior-identified factors that have an influence on salary amount, but do not depend on sex.

Use hkp/// as a partner for a sophisticated gender pay gap analysis of your workforce to create transparency in relation to the situation in your company as regards the non-discriminatory remuneration of men and women. Using the analysis as a basis, together we will identify areas for action to create fair remuneration practices. Let us help you broach the issue proactively and benefit from  a range of advantages:

  •     Gain an in-depth overview of the pay differences between men and women in your company
  •     Identify potential areas for action and seize the opportunity to communicate proactively with internal and external stakeholders
  •     Respond to queries related to the Transparency of Pay Act competently and on the basis of an in-depth analysis
  •     Position yourself as an attractive employer with fair pay
  •     Meet the expectations of investors by illustrating the measures undertaken in your annual report

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* Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash
Author Jennifer S. Schulz

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