Anyone who has attended a shareholders' meeting at a listed company recently will be well aware of shareholders' renewed interest in personnel issues, particularly compensation. Legislators and regulators are giving shareholders an increasing say in key compensation decisions. Examples include consultative or binding "say on pay" votes, bonus resolutions at banks and the Swiss Ordinance against Excessive Pay in Stock-exchange Listed Companies (VegüV).


Compensation matters are often high on the agenda at company committee meetings too. The issues at hand are frequently complex, ranging from fundamental questions of the regular review of the design, structure and level of executive compensation to the compatibility of compensation systems across the company's various subsidiaries worldwide.


Supervisory boards are interested not just in the appropriateness of compensation levels horizontally and vertically within the company but also in regulatory developments, the compatibility of incentives and corporate strategy, and recommendations for improving effectiveness.


hkp/// group helps with back-office preparation for shareholders' meetings and the questions that may arise. Our experts also provide advice in the form of presentations and consultations to supervisory boards and their HR, compensation and executive committees. hkp/// expertise is a valuable addition to the company's own legal and PR department.

Author Nina Grochowitzki

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