Austrian-born Michael H. Kramarsch is one of the most active founders, investors and consultants in the HR management scene. At the age of 40, he parted ways with corporate consulting firms and, together with partners, founded hkp/// group in 2011. Under his direction, it has evolved into Germany’s most successful management consultancy for topics at the intersection of HR, strategy and finance.

Kramarsch is a leading expert in value-based management, corporate governance, performance management and executive compensation. He has provided expert advice to several government commissions such as Regierungskommission Deutscher Corporate Governance, chaired by Professor T. Baums (2001), and the Regierungskommission Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex [German Corporate Governance Code - DCGK], headed by Klaus Peter Müller and Dr. Manfred Gentz (2012 to 2014).

As an investor, Michael H. Kramarsch focuses on HR startups. He holds equity in young companies such as Tandemploy, Talentwunder and Vote2Work, and also in the European Center for Board Efficiency (ECBE), which he co-founded. These interests in addition to his role as initiator and Co-Chair of the HR Startup Awards, presented annually since 2014, have made him one of the most distinguished HR startup experts.

Kramarsch is keenly interested in technology and its ethical challenges. This motivated him to establish the Ethics Advisory Council (Ethikbeirat) HR Tech together with the Association of German HR Managers (Bundesverband für Personalmanager, BPM) in 2019. The Committee, made up of renowned representatives from science, startups and well-established companies, considers itself a driving force for promoting the ethical and proper use of digital solutions in HR.

Michael H. Kramarsch regularly comments on the latest developments in business, society and politics in editorials, interviews and articles for leading media and prestigious publishers. A joint study with Prof. Fred G. Becker, one of the first of its kind in the German-speaking world on value-based management and incentivization, was published as early as 1997. His book on share-based management compensation (Aktienbasierte Managementvergütung, Schäffer-Poeschl), meanwhile in its second edition, is regarded as the German-language reference work on executive pay.

Michael H. Kramarsch is a Senator of The Economic Senate Germany (Senat der Wirtschaft), a think tank promoting ethical economic activity in Germany for the advancement of society. He also is a founding member and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association of independent compensation consultants (Vereinigung unabhängiger Vergütungsberater, VUVB) and an advisory board member of the HHL Center for Corporate Governance, Leipzig, Germany. He supports training and continuing education courses for executives and non-executive directors as a lecturer at the Schloss Gracht campus of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), and for non-executive directors under the Excellence Initiative of Deutsches Aktieninstitut (DAI).

Under Kramarsch's leadership, hkp/// group, Quadriga and Human Resource Manager, the BPM member magazine, jointly launched the German Compensation Day (Deutscher Vergütungstag) in 2012. Since then, the conference is now the foremost networking platform for compensation and related HR topics. The same applies to the Ownership Day (Tag der Teilhabe), a symposium for politics, business and various associations. The conference aims to encourage companies and employees to build individual wealth in addition to company pensions as a way to address wealth inequality in society.

Michael H. Kramarsch is also one of the two founders of the working committee Guidelines for Sustainable Management Board Compensation (Leitlinien für eine nachhaltige Vorstandsvergütung), initiated in early 2018. Working closely with distinguished Supervisory Board members, international investors, academics and corporate governance experts, it develops best practice guidelines.

In collaboration with the Global Equity Organization (GEO), hkp/// group began conducting the Global Equity Insights Study in 2013. It is one of the most comprehensive analyses of international market practice in equity-based compensation and employee share ownership in the world. Supported by partners like Siemens, SAP, Fidelity and Computershare, the study is conducted annually.

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