Compensation reports and the disclosure of compensation data for shareholders as a basis for say-on-pay decisions mean that companies' decision-making bodies have to follow a professional and properly documented process for defining top management compensation levels that are in line with the market. This affects many areas, including the level and structure of compensation, its sustainability, incentives in the form of stock ownership, and the strategy-based design of incentive systems. Familiarity with international market practice with regard to management levels further down the organization is also essential. This is a fundamental component in designing a compensation system that can be integrated within the company.


When making recommendations regarding the compensation of supervisory bodies, reliable insights are needed into the situation in the market. Good advice is also necessary to ensure that the compensation matches the tasks in question. Moreover, as the role of supervisory bodies expands and becomes more professional, competitive compensation levels are increasingly a prerequisite for securing suitable candidates.


hkp/// group is a leading advisor to decision-making bodies in both listed and private companies. Our technical expertise and experience, combined with a profound knowledge of international regulations, enables us to design tailor-made concepts and compensation structures that are in line with the market.


As independent specialist in compensation, hkp/// provides comprehensive expert reports for decision-making bodies. Our work is fully documented for audit purposes and can be used as proof of due diligence.

Author Regine Siepmann

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