hkp/// group as a strategic advisor to supervisory boards and their supporting functions in core topics of sustainable corporate governance

More than ever, supervisory boards must deal with the requirements of functioning and sustainable corporate governance. In addition to the core task of monitoring as well as managing and compensating the board of directors, this means that both the organization and cooperation of boards as well as their competencies and composition must be taken into account. The hkp/// group corporate governance advisors support supervisory boards as well as their supporting functions in precisely these core issues. 

Based on our expertise and comprehensive market practice, we support you in defining relevant competencies in line with your corporate strategy, in developing a sustainable target picture for the independent and balanced composition of boards, and in setting up and implementing long-term, resilient succession planning. 

We provide independent and competent advice on the design of strategy-led and sustainability-oriented compensation systems that meet the multi-layered requirements of legislators, regulators, employees and investors in terms of market practice, competitiveness and appropriateness. To link strategic objectives within an organization, we also harmonize compensation practices across hierarchical levels upon request.

The governance structures we develop not only meet current compliance and professionalism requirements, but are also designed to be future-proof.

Our service portfolio also includes analyzing the effectiveness of supervisory board activities, which can then be aligned in a targeted and trustworthy manner –  both within the board as a whole and in committees. We also pass on our in-depth expert knowledge to you and your organization through training and continuing education. 

Within the framework of independent professional and organizational support tailored to your needs, we relieve the burden on corporate offices and thus ensure that supervisory and administrative boards can cope with their increasingly demanding tasks.

hkp/// group – Corporate Governance Advisors: Your advisors on sustainable corporate governance

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Author Regine Siepmann

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