Many companies face the challenge of managing a highly varied IT landscape consisting of a mixture of proprietary solutions and standard applications on both the infrastructure and application side. Often the same goes for their hardware, with different components dating from different years.

Analyzing the IT architecture of the HR division and identifying technical or IT bottlenecks in operations across the HR process map is an essential first step in the optimization process. It creates clarity about what technological prerequisites must be put in place for new or improved HR business models to be fully effective.

The next step is to derive actions for boosting process efficiency and evaluating costs and benefits. HR IT readiness checks help to identify actions aimed at increasing the value add of a modern, integrated HR IT landscape over the longer term. hkp/// group can help companies prioritize these actions.

hkp/// group offers independent support that draws on our profound market knowledge and technical expertise. We help companies with a wide range of tasks, from analyzing and optimizing their HR IT landscape to improving vendor selection processes.

Author Holger Jungk

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