"Design Thinking is about creating products and services that people love - that they are excited about, that they love to use, that they spend money on. Employee Experience is about the experience people have within organizations. Matching the two is in my opinion ideal. Doing this is mostly about two things: One mode is asking the right questions, listening and learning. Finding out what exactly it is that keeps employees engaged and how a great experience for them looks like. And the other mode is about trying out things, building prototypes, testing them, improving them in an iterative fashion – to build a product, to build a solution, to build an experience that people will love!”

Leon Jacob explains why using design thinking helps creating a better employee experience, why it's necessary to do and how one could start.


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A perfect match: design thinking and employee experience - Leon Jacob, hkp/// group Senior Manager from hkp/// group on Vimeo.

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