Incentive systems, whatever form they take, are only successful if the executives and other staff they affect fully understand them and gear their mindset and behavior toward the goals they contain. That makes communicating the incentive system to the workforce – including the various elements it comprises, how they fit together and the overall structure – a vital task for the company. Communication is needed not just when the system is introduced for the first time, but throughout the period it remains in place.

When implementing a new incentive system, especially one involving share-based compensation, companies must ensure that they meet the legal, tax and accounting regulations in all the countries where they operate. Moreover, to run the system properly, they need to create reliable structures and processes that should be as lean and efficient as possible.

hkp/// group has expertise in designing various types of incentive systems (Link Entwicklung aktienbasierter Vergütung). This is complemented by many years of experience developing and implementing successful communication concepts. Our experts understand the legal and regulatory requirements of different countries and can support you on all issues relating to implementation and administration. We are also happy to provide on-site support for HR departments, if required.

Author David Voggeser

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