Today's stakeholders, from shareholders, regulators, employees and customers to the public in general, are demanding more information than ever on the various specialist areas within the company. This information must be presented in an intelligible manner. Transparent, fair communication is the order of the day, allowing readers to form an accurate assessment of the true situation of the business and cast a critical eye over its decision-making.


Communications and investor relations departments most often deal with issues relating to compliance, corporate management, risks and the sustainability of the business or compensation system. Their reports must be credible and realistic, showing the current situation and future policies of the company in these areas.


hkp/// group helps companies draw up such documents. Our consultants offer a profound understanding of compensation, talent and performance management, and corporate governance – key components of the above-mentioned areas. Their competence in technical areas and skill in report-writing mean that documents are always to the point, guaranteeing effective and clear communication.

Author Dr. Pia Lünstroth

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