Europe has voted! And before hkp/// group presents its analysis “Executive and Non-Executive Director Compensation in Europe 2018” today we'd like to give you one more interesting insight from our 2017 STOXX data dealing with gender equality.

Even though it is expected, that the majority of MPs in Brussels will continue to be male, the proportion of female representatives might have risen again – as it has always done in all of the past elections. After the 2014 elections, 36% of MPs were women. The proportion of female representatives varied greatly between nations, but each country was represented by at least one woman.

But what about the proportion of women in management positions at the STOXX companies?

Here, women are clearly outnumbered by their male colleagues as well. In 2017, an average of 12% of executive board members in STOXX companies were women. 59% of the companies still had no women on their Executive Board at all. At the very top, women are even harder to find. At the end of 2017, only 3 of the 73 STOXX companies were headed by a female CEO.

At least the supervisory boards are slightly less male-dominated: Each of the 73 supervisory boards had at least one female member. However, on average, the proportion of women on supervisory boards was only 35 %, almost similar in ratio to the European Parliament.

On the subject of women's representation, the European Parliament seems to be slightly ahead of the STOXX companies. Tomorrow you can find out whether this changed in 2018 – at the hkp/// STOXX press conference.


Author Verena Vandervelt

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