To relieve pressure on internal resources, supervisory boards often seek independent external support on operational matters for top managers. There are many reasons why this may be necessary: Suitable individuals may not be available internally for cost reasons, or there may be confidential HR issues to be dealt with. External specialists offer expertise in supervising and supporting top managers. Moreover, the increasing regulation of compensation, particularly in banks and more generally for board members, calls for up-to-date knowledge about what options are available. Often it is impossible or uneconomical to make such expert knowledge available internally.


hkp/// group supports managers – primarily board members and top management – in companies of various sizes at the request of supervisory boards. We assist with a wide range of tasks, from formulating job profiles for new managers and board members and drawing up resolutions on appointments and employment contracts to negotiating contracts and writing severance agreements. hkp/// can also help set targets and payouts, check the appropriateness of executive compensation and review the length of appointments/contracts in formal job specifications.

Author Regine Siepmann

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