SurveyLive provides companies the ability to easily create custom surveys. With it they can view, edit, share, analyze and report - qualitative & quantitative - HR/C&B market intelligence.
SurveyLive is used to get answers and have information collected in a fast, safe and systematic manner from any group internally or industry-wide.  As an HR management information tool,
SurveyLive is especially useful for gaining insights to policy, benefits, working time, and organizational statistics. SurveyLive is often used in conjunction with CompLive for the Networks hkp/// RemuNet administers.
SurveyLive displays all participants data or selected peer groups. Respondent scores are compared with the market responses.
  • Maintain library of surveys and historical results
  • Survey any audience, company or industry
  • Quick and easy to produce and administer
  • Broad template of question and output formats
  • Obtain Qualitative & Quantitative / Statistical information
* Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Author Ernst M. van der Linden

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