Societal volatility and insecurity of recent years expose lingering employment threats that cannot continue any longer. They require immediate remedy, because brands will be valued by how they compare in this new, multi-stakeholder reality. Successful, resilient organizations will be those companies that address change and threats as business opportunities and thus re-wire their people strategies in order to unleash creativity and innovative expertise. Tooling up to discover new chances is key in this new market.

hkp///group Global ExecuNet is a networked membership model that helps companies do just that. Global ExecuNet connects you to global and regional peer companies. This way, you exchange, learn, compare and benchmark your own policies in people management globally. You have access to peer market intelligence, which is critical in bringing in, retaining and rewarding key staff. Global ExecuNet gives you all the market insight you need.

For more information on Global ExecuNet, please have a look at the video below and contact hkp/// group Senior Partner Jouco Bleeker.

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Global ExecuNet: addressing threats as business opportunities from hkp/// group on Vimeo.

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