Job postings don’t get the anticipated response, anecdotes about candidates who bailed out make the rounds, painful vacancies jeopardize the business – in times when the market power is increasingly shifting towards the candidate, the competitiveness of companies that do not professionally organize their recruiting suffers.

Are we finding the right talents, and do we manage to win them over? Are we adequately prepared to consider our internal talent pool? Do we put the candidate experience at the center of our process? In many cases, there needs to be a change in paradigm from traditional “recruitment” to marketing-oriented “talent acquisition” – along with clearly defined roles, candidate-centered process design and innovative use of technology.

•    Do we need specialized recruiters?
•    Are we missing out on trends in Social Recruiting?
•    How can we enhance our Active Sourcing and Talent Brokerage activities?
•    How much capacity do we require to meet our recruiting demands?
•    How can we seamlessly integrate internal and external recruiting?
•    How do we create a positive candidate experience while maintaining the criteria for reliable decision making?
•    Which key figures best help us to manage the success of our recruiting?
•    Which eRecruiting systems fit the needs of our company? How can we stay connected?

hkp/// group experts put your current recruiting to the test, introduce leading-edge market practices, develop roles and processes tailored to your company, manage the selection and implementation of eRecruiting systems and train your key team members. Particular emphasis is placed on empowering your organization to continuously optimize the success of your recruiting.


* Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash
Author Dr. Harriet Sebald

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