Personnel-related risks increasingly jeopardize business success: staffing risks in narrowing labor markets, turnover risks in complex organizations, risk of mismatch of skills due to digitalization, and risks of personal liability in a stricter regulatory environment – just to name a few examples. Top management and supervisory boards demand transparency about risks, reliable early warning systems and a monetary assessment of risks and countermeasures. Professional risk management has become an absolute obligation in HR.

  • Which risks should appear on our radar screen?
  • Which early warning indicators allow us to act with foresight?
  • How can we develop measures to minimize risk?
  • How can we prove that preventive measures pay off?
  • How can we design a “stress test” to assess potential consequences of risks for the staff?

hkp/// consultants bring relevant expertise to help you first to run through and then sustainably establish a structured risk management cycle. Depending on the specific risk category, they develop the required instruments, from simple early warning indicators to anticipatory strategic workforce planning. With this, you can link personnel risks with business impact and advance HR to a new level.

Author Johannes Brinkkötter

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