New legislation and increased business activity place fresh requirements on supervisory bodies and raise the necessity of self-monitoring. Regulations on good corporate governance recommend, or in some cases require, regular reviews of the board's own activities, their efficiency and their effectiveness. Often this calls for external support. Analyses ranging from the makeup of the board and the qualifications of its members to the efficiency of its committee-based and plenary work can help supervisory bodies refine their functioning.


hkp/// group carries out external efficiency reviews for supervisory boards. Our experts are not involved in recruitment and so can be guided solely by the interests of the company. hkp/// supports the bodies' work on the methodological side, for instance checking that members have sufficient information, time and expertise for decision-making, and also examine whether a board meets the formal requirements with regard to role conflicts.


Our experts use a wide range of methods in efficiency reviews, with a particular focus on structured interviews and questionnaires (both online and in person) and document analysis.

Author Dr. Jan Dörrwächter

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