Business as usual? Since Russia's inhumane war of aggression on Ukraine, that's been difficult for all of us - both in our everyday professional lives as well as here on the web. Our thoughts are with the people who are fighting for their lives, for their nation and for their freedom. And yet our communication on professionally relevant content also continues. This is difficult - but paralysis would certainly be the wrong response to Putin's aggression.

To counter the feeling of powerlessness with solidarity and concrete support, a renewed fundraising campaign was launched with our colleagues - and successfully concluded. Roundabout 20,000 euros were collected by employees of the Frankfurt office and the hkp// group. A strong sign of solidarity and an almost therapeutic measure in the face of an event we are all stunned by. The donation will go to the following organizations and initiatives suggested by colleagues:

Apart from the financial help, an aid delivery, organized by the city of Frankfurt, was also supported by the collection of relief supplies among the staff of two colleagues. At the same time, we called on employees to talk to their teams - not least to share fears or immediate concern among their families and acquaintances.

Only with measures like these and through this explicit expression of the currently prevailing turmoil, between everyday life and state of emergency, is it possible for us to maintain a little normality in these sad times - whether in the office, with our customers or online. 

In the hope of peace soon
Your hkp// group