Compensation matters are increasingly dealt with by special committees within the company. In some cases, the makeup of these committees is determined by law or industry-specific regulations, such as the Ordinance against Excessive Pay in Stock-exchange Listed Companies (VegüV) in Switzerland or the Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions (InstVergV) for banks in Germany. The work of committees is increasingly analytical and fact-based, and needs to be properly documented.


hkp/// group provides professional expertise to company committees, supplying market data and helping interpret it. We ensure full compliance with regulatory and legal provisions and our analysis of compensation reports helps prepare the company for external reactions. hkp/// uses detailed scenarios to show the implications of different compensation agreements from both the company's and the recipient's perspective.


Documents drawn up by our experts regularly form part of the official documentation of meetings and decisions by the respective committees.

Author Michael H. Kramarsch

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