Berlin, 09/30/2022 With Evermood, the audience at the Human Resources Management Congress in Berlin voted a platform for promoting mental health onto the winner’s podium. For the seventh time, the prestigious Founders Award in Human Resources was presented by the Bundesverband der Personalmanager:innen (BPM), the hkp/// group, Human Resources Manager Magazin and Quadriga University.

Evermood gives employees access to live virtual events, helpful exercises, and confidential 1-to-1 counseling. Companies are enabled to work on their culture and the health of their organization in an evidence-based way through anonymized, GDPR-compliant evaluations. Convinced of her own promise, founder and CEO Lara von Petersdorff-Campen was happy after winning and stated the following: 

“Crises are omnipresent at the moment. The need for mental health promotion is more important than ever. We are very pleased that Evermood has been understood as an innovative and effective instrument for sustainably increasing the well-being, satisfaction and motivation of employees,” 

Top 3 HR Startups 2022: Evermood, Certif-ID and Talk'n'Job

With her pitch in front of the HR expert audience in Berlin, the Evermood founder prevailed against two other start-ups in the field of HR management: 

  • Certif ID, a platform that digitizes the complex process of sourcing technical talent from development markets.
  • Talk'n'Job, a solution for voice-guided chat applications via cell phone that greatly simplifies the application process, lowers barriers and thus makes it more inclusive.

Evermood, Certif-ID and Talk'n'Job were chosen by the top-class HR Start-up Awards jury of ten, led by the founding duo Elke Eller (supervisory board member and investor) and Michael H. Kramarsch (start-up investor, founder and Managing Partner of the hkp/// group) and the President of the Federal Association of Personnel Managers (BPM), Inga Dransfeld-Haase (Director People & Culture, BP Europe). As the jury was pleased with the second highest number of applications  in the award history 51 in total -, the three finalists prevailed against 48 other HR start-ups to form the Top 3 HR Start-ups 2022 in Germany.

HR start-up market more professional than ever before

“The HR Start-up Award has become one of the most relevant awards for young technology companies in the HR sector,” emphasizes Dr. Elke Eller, who also invests in start-ups herself and is involved in the female investor network encourageventures. “This year's selection process provided once again a unique glimpse into the future of modern HR work,” said Eller. “I congratulate all of this year's finalists and especially our winners. They presented themselves with a high level of professionalism and real tech expertise and took advantage of the stage that the award offers them. And I am sure that we will continue to hear from them in the future - and that their ideas will inspire HR departments as well as employees,” Dr. Eller adds.

Based on the submissions, BPM President Inga Dransfeld-Haase notes an increasing professionalism of start-ups on the market and links this to the increasing exchange between start-ups and traditional companies: “Even if you can still talk about separate worlds when it comes to corporates and startups, more and more colleagues in HR understand the need to open up to innovation from startups. From recruiting solutions to people analytics, HR management is in dire need of new tools. Therefore, the exchange between traditional and young companies has also become more intensive in the human resources environment.” According to Dransfeld-Haase, however, the digitization of HR remains a permanent construction site: “We can't lay back here, we need to educate ourselves digitally and look more closely at new solutions like those from startups.”

hkp/// group Managing Partner Michael H. Kramarsch also advises on this topic and adds: “My fellow jury members have had the opportunity to review 213 startups over the past seven award years - some of them have been reviewed multiple times due to applications in different years. We learned a lot about technologies, business models and their development.” Kramarsch is therefore convinced: “Start-up solutions reveal a lot about the future of the HR profession.” This award year, for example, the investor and consultant notes several submissions related to sustainability: Business models that address environmental and social concerns. The topics included whistleblowing, health, the education of employees' children, and the promotion of the cultural prerequisites for a socially and ecologically sustainable transformation. “Something is happening here,” Kramarsch notes. However, this year's top 3 convinced the jury particularly unanimously in the relevant categories of solution offering, entrepreneurship and innovation.

About the HR Start-up Award

The HR Start-up Award has been presented annually at the HR Management Congress in Berlin since 2016. It is hosted by the Bundesverband der Personalmanager:innen (BPM), the hkp/// group, the Human Resources Manager Magazin and the Quadriga Hochschule. The aim is to bring the innovations of start-ups into the HR community, to learn from each other, to shape the (HR) work of the future together - and thereby to ensure economic sustainability in disruptive times. Winners include Staffbase, Tandemploy, Humanoo, Vote2Work, Userlane and Psychological AI. 

The Judges

  • Inga Dransfeld-Haase, President of the Bundesverband der Personalmanager:innen (BPM)
  • Dr. Elke Eller, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Coach
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Gärtner, Professor of Business Administration, Munich University of Applied Sciences
  • Anna Kaiser, Founder & CEO, Tandemploy
  • Michael H. Kramarsch, Founder, investor and Managing Partner hkp// group (Jury Chairman)
  • Åsa Lautenberg, Chief People Officer (CPO), Wittur Group
  • Dr. Michael Prochaska, Chief Human Resources & Legal Officer, STIHL & Dennis Blöcher, Senior Vice President HR, Talent Acquisition and Development, STIHL
  • Erika Rasch, Executive Vice President HR - People and Culture, Bosch
  • Marie-Eve Schröder, Director of Sales DACH, Facebook
  • Dr. Jochen Wallisch, Executive Vice President HR,Siemens

Contact: Constantin Härthe, hkp/// group – Mobile +49 176 15 363 312, 

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