„Alles neu macht der Mai!“ (en. everything is new in May) - Under the title of this German children's song, the hkp/// group celebrated its spring reception with around 150 guests at the Alte Oper Frankfurt on May 3.  A festivity that celebrated innovation by combining old and new.

Fantastic weather, a sun terrace with a view of the Frankfurt skyline and the Opernplatz as well as the beautiful classical premises of the Café Opera in the Alte Oper Frankfurt formed the perfect backdrop for the hkp// group Spring Reception 2023. The networking event celebrated, among other things, with inspiring impulses the togetherness and mutual enrichment of old and new.


The journey of the hkp// group

Managing Partner Michael H. Kramarsch welcomed the guests with a concise look at the development of the hkp// group, embedding the motto of the evening from an entrepreneurial perspective: "It's quite a special moment when, as an entrepreneur and consultant, you can look back on 12 years - how seven people and an idea have become a company with today 120 employees and an office in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. A journey that, through a lot of desire and passion, has allowed us to grow from a specialist consultancy to a management consultancy for HR strategy and corporate governance - without forgetting our roots."

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The transformation of the Alte Oper

An impression of how the Alte Oper Frankfurt always seeks a lively exchange between old and new was provided by the host and artistic director, Dr. Markus Fein, in his welcome address: "Concert halls, and so we too, are in the midst of a gigantic transformation process, which we are all aware of and which they control and manage." The host provided many examples of how the Alte Oper addresses this process: From the free festival "Fratopia," hybrid backstage formats that allow participants to look behind the scenes before concerts, to various formats of music education and the project "Ein Zehner bis 25," which enables young people to gain discounted admission to world-class concerts through private donations.

AI meets culture - and completes Beethoven's 10th symphony

Dr. Matthias Röder, founder of the think tank and management consultancy the mindshift, then asked the guests at the spring reception what Beethoven's 10th symphony might sound like if he had completed it. On behalf of Deutsche Telekom, he and an international team had developed an artificial intelligence that completed Beethoven's unfinished work. An impressive example of the interaction between human and artificial intelligence at the nexus of creativity, culture and mathematics.

The border crosser at the interface of music, science and technology concluded his musical lecture with five theses on the influence of artificial intelligence: (1) Creativity is becoming the paramount key competence and (2) measurable, whereby (3) individual creativity is taking a back seat to the creativity of digital or analog networks. (4) Authenticity and verification of data will be of paramount importance. (5) And we now need to have the courage to experiment "and then sit down and figure out how can we make this a future that we all want to live in, too."

For many of the guests, his remarks, as well as those of Dr. Markus Fein and Michael H. Kramarsch, continued to resonate for a long time and offered plenty of points of contact for individual exchanges on a cheerful, harmonious evening in the late evening sun on the terrace of Frankfurt's Café Opera.

The hkp// group would like to thank the speakers and all guests for their contribution and for coming. We would be happy to see you again at the next spring reception or at one of the many other hkp// group events!

Author Constantin Härthe

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