The hkp/// group (hkp///) is an independent-run consulting firm, owned exclusively by our partners. This enables us to best meet our clients' objectives and needs.

We focus not only on our own personal contribution but on how we do our work – the unshakable foundation underlying our consulting services. Our three core values performance, passion and partnership guide us in everything that we do, both in our external as well as our internal relationships.

We devised this combination of three core values as part of our Züriberg Manifesto, drawn up and signed by everyone at hkp///. The Züriberg Manifesto also outlines the implications of our values and establishes them as the long-term basis for everything we do.

hkp/// sees itself as a partnership of strong individuals with highly diverse backgrounds, qualifications and skills. Our individual strengths, diversity, openness and professional expertise allow us to develop solutions for even the most unusual challenges.
At hkp/// we believe in creating a marriage of financial and HR processes. Our credibility as consulting firm is based on our profound expertise in these specialist areas.
Our consultants work in teams made up of individuals offering precisely the skills and qualifications needed. This combination of an in-depth understanding of financial and risk management with expertise in regulatory, legal and corporate governance issues, and the confident use of compensation and talent management tools, based on years of experience, make the services we offer unique. For example, we are the perfect partners for devising and implementing a credible compensation system for the management board of a limited company or for the risk-takers in a bank.