COVID-19: Managing the Crisis and Recovery

On- und offsite Unterstützung in der Wirtschaftskrise

Restructuring: Reducing personnel costs and managing downsizing

To get through the crisis safely, many companies have to review their personnel costs and requirements. hkp/// group supports companies on site and in a remote capacity in the optimization of personnel costs and requirements. read more ...

Leon Jacob and David Voggeser on the necessity of retaining success-critical employees

Restrictions and retention: Retaining talent in the current crisis

Cost-cutting, restructuring and downsizing re seen as ways of ensuring economic survival. Leon Jacob and David Voggeser explain why measures are also needed to retain those employees who are critical to success. read more ...

Corporate Governance & Board Compensation

Dr. Jan Dörrwächter and Johannes Harrack interviewed by

Maximum compensation: Implications for Management Board compensation systems

When the Second European Shareholder Rights Directive was implemented specific regulations on the maximum compensation were incorporated into the German Stock Corporation Act. An with Dr. Jan Dörrwächter and Johannes Harrack. read more ...

Share-based long-term incentives for sustainable remuneration systems

Evaluation of share-based remuneration

In the interests of providing a sustainable remuneration system for board members and executives many companies use share-based remuneration instruments as part of their long-term incentive (LTI) schemes. read more ...

Digitalization, Start-ups & IT-Tools

A LinkedIn article by hkp/// group Managing Partner Michael H. Kramarsch

Threat of data protection penalties: What measures companies must take

According to the latest data protection ruling by the CJEU, the transfer of personal data from the EU to the USA is no longer permitted. On LinkedIn Michael H. Kramarsch summarizes important measures companies should be considering now. read more ...

Marco Klein (TRUMPF) and Holger Jungk (hkp/// group) interviewed by

Internal digitalization: executive managers as the key to success

HR digitalization experts Marco Klein (TRUMPF) and Holger Jungk (hkp/// group) report on the TRUMPF Group’s path to becoming a digital champion and explain what the most important aspect is when implementing a new HR system. read more ...

Compensation & Benefits, Grading

An interview with Verena Vandervelt and David Voggeser

hkp/// group Top Management Survey – more than just a compensation survey

hkp/// group's Top Management Survey developed into an essential tool for HR and compensation in MDAX and similarly sized non-listed companies. Verena Vandervelt and David Voggeser explain why. read more ...

Institutional investors are increasingly focusing on ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues - HCM aspects are being prioritized more than ever

Investors’ focus on Human Capital Management – opportunity for HR

At first, the investors' focus was on financials, then governance issues played a key role, followed by a broader view on sustainability. In the meantime, human capital management (HCM) issues are being prioritized more strongly. read more ...

Performance & Compensation Benchmarking

Insights into an international research project of the University of California/Berkley together with the ifo Institute and support by hkp// group

New research on compensation strategies

Compensation is a success factor for corporate goals. However, there is a lack of large-scale evidence on its effectiveness. spoke with Ingrid Hägele, labor market economist, and hkp/// group Senior Partner Petra Knab-Hägele. read more ...

Exchange and benchmark your own policies in people management globally

Global ExecuNet: your fingertips on global peer reward market intelligence

To address threats as business opportunities companies need to re-wire their people strategies. Tooling up to discover trends is key. hkp/// Remunet’s Global ExecuNet is a networked membership model that helps companies do just that. read more ...

Employee Participation & Equity-based Compensation

Global Equity Insights Survey 2021 provides latest insights on global market practice of equity-based compensation

Equity-based compensation trends reflect global challenges

Equal Pay is top priority, say-on-pay votes also affect equity-based compensation, COVID-19 viewed as one-off exogenic shock: Global Equity Insights Survey 2021 provides insights on global market practice of equity-based compensation. read more ...

Employee participation as hkp/// group focus

Commitment to employee participation rewarded

Siemens, Equatex and hkp/// group receive Star Award of the Global Equity Organization GEO in Orlando. Commitment to employee equity-based participation in Germany rewarded. read more ...

HR Strategy & Transformation

Kai H. Helfritz, Member of the Executive Board of DGFP - the German Society for Human Resource Management, in an interview with

HCM: new quality of HR communication required

ESG issues are playing an increasingly important role for investors. This also includes aspects of human capital management (HCM). Kai H. Helfritz, Member of the Management Board of DGFP, talks about the consequences for HR. read more ...

Press Information - results of the study "HR drives digital"

Digitalization: HR is catching up

HR organizations have caught up with digitalization but are not yet active as digital drivers in companies. These are the main findings of the study "HR drives digital" by hkp/// group and Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Lörrach (DHBW). read more ...

Employee Experience Design & Agile Methods

Leon Jacob @ the Employee Experience conference in London

Design Thinking for Employee Experience

Leon Jacob explains how Design Thinking helps to design the Employee Experience. In April he will teach you how to turn employees into fans using agile methods: at the EX Design Bootcamp in Frankfurt. read more ...

Leon Jacob and Frank Gierschmann interviewed by

AI in talent management—everyone’s talking about it, but is anyone doing it?

The hkp/// group experts Frank Gierschmann and Leon Jacob discuss the current use of artificial intelligence and modern technology in talent management. read more ...

Strategic Talent Management

Isabel Jahn and Holger Jungk interviewed by

Strategic personnel planning during periods of crisis, part 1: the financial sector looks back at the role of strategic personnel planning in past crises. Can conclusions be drawn for today's situation and other industries? Isabel Jahn and Holger Jungk interviewed by read more ...

Mitarbeiterbindung in der Krise: Fluktuationskosten senken, Leistungsträger halten

The hkp/// group Retention Management Toolbox

Cost and process optimization, restructuring and downsizing are key concepts in times of crisis. At the same time, it is important to retain important talents. The Retention Management Toolbox supports you in this. read more ...

New Performance Management

From strategy to individual conduct

New performance management

What is the purpose of performance management? How do we bring performance back into performance management? Should individual performance affect the bonus or not? How can performance management become a daily habit? read more ... speaks to Dr. Harriet Sebald and Joachim Kayser

This Side of Utopia: Performance Management and Reward

Performance management and how it impacts the way companies pay and develop executives and employees continues to be a topic that dominates the HR agenda. An interview on current trends and their impact. read more ...

HR in Financial Services

Amended version of the “Institiutsvergütungsverordnung” (IVV 4.0) published

Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions 4.0 finalized

On September 24, 2021, the amended version of the Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions (Institutsvergütungsverordnung, IVV 4.0), which had been expected since the beginning of the year, was published in the German Federal Law Gazette. read more ...

Support by consulting and management experience

Transformation, Consolidation and Restructuring

Banks, insurance companies, asset managers and financial service providers are under increasing pressure to rethink their business models and internal structures, with far-reaching changes often being inevitable. read more ...