Business Breakfast Series by Effectory & hkp///group

Sustainability and ESG are increasingly shaping the agenda of HR departments, with the challenges going far beyond reporting on requirements such as the EU's CSRD regulations. The issue of company-specific materiality has emerged as a core aspect in the view of sustainability. Investors are focusing on this more than ever. Supervisory boards and management boards are experiencing increased queries in the engagement process and require concrete support from the HR department. 

The three-part Business Breakfast series by Effectory & hkp///group From compliance to business impact - ESG in HR Management highlights these developments with a special focus on the dialog between companies and their employees in terms of ESG reporting - as this is precisely where there is significant potential for a strategy-supporting corporate culture. However, identifying and presenting the specific opinions, perceptions and attitudes of employees in this regard is proving to be a previously untapped opportunity: How is a company's own ESG reporting perceived internally? How do the corresponding presentations influence the performance culture? What opportunities are there for management?

As part of the practice-oriented events, HR managers receive valuable input on selected key topics for the use and evaluation of employee feedback, especially in the context of ESG reporting as well as in general HR management. At the same time, the event series is aimed at investors who want to make their portfolios more sustainable.

Part 3: 07.06.2024, Amsterdam – Effectory Office

ESG & Employer Branding: The impact of corporate ESG dedication on an employer’s brand

+++ Event in English language +++

  • 08:30 am: Welcome Breakfast
  • 09:00 am: Welcome & Setting the Scene
  • 09:50 am: The corporate perspective
  • 10:10 am: The investor perspective
  • 10:30 am: Discussion
  • ca. 11:15 am: End of event

The Business Breakfast series by Effectory & hkp////group From compliance to business impact - ESG in HR Management is free of charge. However, registration and confirmation of registration is required.