Christian Sauer has extensive experience in corporate management as well as financial management of industrial companies and consultancy firms. In his position as the sole managing director, he ran a former "Treuhandanstalt"-company and was responsible for the complete restructuring and strategic realignment thereof. At the same time, he was a co-founder of various innovative companies in the field of environmental technology.

In 1997, Christian Sauer worked as management consultant for different consultancy firms in project management focusing on strategic company development. In 2001, he initiated the founding of an own consultancy firm for the efficient implementation of corporate strategies and the implementation of corporate control systems. In this field, he also contributed to related publications, among others to "Future Value" from Gabler publishers in 2004.

Christian Sauer has assisted the hkp///group since its founding in 2011 with issues regarding strategic finance planning and financial controlling. From 2014, he took on the role of CFO of the international consultancy firm with business activities in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland; since January 2018, he is a hkp/// group partner.