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Regine Siepmann and Dr. Pia Lünstroth interviewed by

Dawn of a new era for Board Compensation in Austria

The Austrian National Council passed the Shareholders' Rights Amendment Act (AktRÄG 2019) on July 2nd, 2019. After the approval of the Federal Council on July 11th, 2019, it is effective. read more ...

Further moderate increases lead to yet another all-time high

DAX Management Board Compensation 2018

Total compensation for DAX CEOs increased by 3.6% to an average EUR 7.5 million whilst profits remained stable. Beiersdorf’s CEO earnings reached a new all-time high with EUR 23.45 million. read more ...

hkp/// group Expert Interview

Don’t let your remuneration policy ruin your IPO

hkp/// group Senior Partners Petra Knab-Hägele and Joachim Kayser on HR- and Compensation-requirements in the context of an IPO read more ...

Regine Siepmann und Hannes Klingenberg interviewed by

More Say than Substance

hkp/// group experts Regine Siepmann and Hannes Klingenberg discuss the results of a current study by hkp/// group regarding the Executive Compensation voting guidelines of the 40 top investors in DAX companies. read more ...

Proxy guidelines of DAX top investors in focus

Limited light, plenty of shadows

Voting guidelines for board compensation do not fulfill minimum requirements. A joint analysis by hkp /// group, University of Göttingen and DIRK reveals need for action against the backdrop of ARUG II. read more ...

Best Practice in Top Management Compensation

Guidelines for sustainable management board remuneration systems

A working group of well-known chairs of German supervisory boards, institutional investors, academics and corporate governance experts has presented guidelines for sustainable remuneration systems for German publicly listed companies. read more ...

hkp/// group Analysis

Earnings for top managers in Europe

CEO Compensation in leading European companies has risen by 3%, but remains below the peak value of 2015. By contrast, pay for Supervisory Board members is in marginal decline. Switzerland is a pay paradise for CEOs and chairpersons. read more ... interview with Regine Siepmann and Frank Gierschmann

Succession Planning as essential Corporate Governance Aspect

The hkp/// group Survey “Succession planning for board members” shows: A functioning succession plan is still a central element enabling to fill vacancies as quickly as possible with the best suited candidates. read more ...

Supervisory Board Members between control focus and strategy approach

Supervisory Board compensation in the DAX: Fair and reasonable at the top

The average total compensation of Supervisory Board Chairpersons in the DAX increased by 6% to €408,000. The focus on purely fixed compensation decouples compensation and performance. read more ...

New hkp/// group Analysis

DAX Management Board Compensation 2017: Moderate increase to a new all-time high

Total compensation for CEOs in the DAX increases by 3.5% to an average of EUR 7.4 million – corporate profits grow by 36%. Significantly improved compensation reports pick up on investors' requirements. read more ...

Recent hkp/// group analysis

Management board compensation between company interests and investor demands

Study by hkp/// group und Ipreo analyzes the ownership structure of DAX index listed companies and the decisions taken by the top 30 investors in relation to management board compensation. read more ...

Michael H. Kramarsch und Andreas Posavac interviewed by

Say-on-Pay: uncertain times for DAX-companies

hkp/// group and Ipreo have analyzed the ownership structure of DAX-listed companies and worked out how different investors and proxy advisors act in relation to management board remuneration and what kind of patterns can be identified. read more ...

Michael H. Kramarsch and Dr. Jan Dörrwächter on the regulation of proxy firms

A smart move!

Given the current conflicts of interest, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has declined to regulate proxy firms at this point, leaving it open for the government to propose legislation. read more ...

Swiss Stock Exchange: New Information and Transparency Regulations?

Regulation of Proxy Advisors

Michael H. Kramarsch and Dr. Jan Dörrwächter on possible amendments to the information and transparency regulations for the use of proxy advisors at the Swiss Stock Exchange. read more ...

Share-based long-term incentives for sustainable remuneration systems

Evaluation of share-based remuneration

In the interests of providing a sustainable remuneration system for board members and executives many companies use share-based remuneration instruments as part of their long-term incentive (LTI) schemes. read more ...

Nina Grochowitzki, Dr. Pia Lünstroth and Regine Siepmann interviewedy by

CFO compensation in Germany

The public debate on compensation in stock companies often focuses not just on the CEOs but also on the Chief Financial Officers (CFO). hkp/// group experts about developments in CFO compensation at Germany's DAX and MDAX firms. read more ...

Executve / Non-Executive Compensation Data directly accessable launched

The new hkp/// group online platform offers direct access to publicly available, high-quality compensation data for more than 10,000 management and supervisory board members at Europe's top companies. read more ...

Between regulatory Requirements and voluntary Best Practice

Evaluating Supervisory and Executive Committees at Financial Institutions

Initially somewhat overlooked, the January 2014 amendments to the German Banking Act (KWG) tightened up the requirements for evaluating supervisory committees at financial institutions. spoke to Petra Knab-Hägele and Joachim Kayser. read more ...

Expertise in compensation, finance and risk management for supervisory boards

Board Services: Expertise in compensation and competence in finance and risk for supervisory boards

As independent expert in board services, hkp/// group advises supervisory boards (Aufsichts- und Verwaltungsräte etc.) on corporate governance issues. We help design, monitor and review executive compensation systems and processes. read more ...

For executives, top management and supervisory board bodies

Market comparisons and appropriateness of compensation

The disclosure of compensation data for shareholders as a basis for say-on-pay decisions requires professional and properly documented process for defining top management compensation levels that are in line with the market. read more ...

For executives, top management and supervisory bodies

Variable compensation

Variable compensation is effective. However, it must be steered in the desired direction – through short- or long-term incentives, through cash or share settlement, by means of profit, cashflow, return or other financial indicators. read more ...

Company pensions as key part of compensation and benefits packages

Design of pensions and benefits

Company pensions are a key part of today's compensation and benefits packages. At hkp/// we keep up to date with the latest regulations and market practice in the area of pensions and benefits. read more ...

Professional preperation of compensation and contracts

IPOs and Trade Sales

The capital market creates a favorable atmosphere for buying or selling businesses. All parties involved should consider early on the implications for management compensation and employment contracts. read more ...

Market data, analytics and interpretation

Support of Compensation and Risk Committees

Compensation matters are increasingly dealt with by special committees. The makeup of these committees is determined by law or industry-specific regulations. Their work is analytical and fact-based, and needs to be properly documented. read more ...

Operational support and supervision for management/supervisory boards

Supervisory boards often seek independent external support on operational matters for top managers. hkp/// group supports board members and top management in companies of various sizes at the request of supervisory boards. read more ...

Transparent, understandable, fair

Reporting on Compliance, Risk, Corporate Governance and Compensation

Today's stakeholders are demanding more information than ever on the various specialist areas within the company. This information must be presented in an intelligible manner. Transparent, fair communication is the order of the day. read more ...

An eye on the details

Implementation of compensation issues in contracts

Contracts of employment for board members include many stipulations. Legal expertise, an understanding of compensation systems and an awareness of any possible impact on disclosure and accounting obligations is necessary. read more ...

Variety of methods, structured interviews and document analysis

Efficiency and Effectiveness Reviews for Supervisory Bodies

Legislation and increased business activity place fresh requirements on supervisory bodies and raise the necessity of self-monitoring. Regulations on good corporate governance recommend regular reviews of efficiency and effectiveness. read more ...

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