The global corona pandemic is destabilizing the economic order as we know it – and it will clearly result in winners and losers. Most of the companies that found themselves on the lucky side of the economy at an early stage of the crisis benefited by chance thanks to stronger demand during the “new normal”. But in the long term it’s not randomness that makes companies successful. It will be the right choice of strategic measures and the thoughtful use people resources and people management.

To come out on top, bold action is required now, especially in people management. Fact-based decisions support liquidity as well as optimized productivity, satisfaction and belonging. Only thing needed: facts and market intelligence

The Global ExecuNet webinar series provides you with global market insights on the reactions of your peers with regards to the current corona crisis. How do employers respond in terms of their personnel costs, issues and policies going forward? Which actions will be taken with regards to the new compensation cycle that is sending important messages into the organization? Participants will get to know best practices and examples of reward adjustments related to COVID-19 and new priorities due to the pandemic.

All Global ExecuNet participants as well as their compensation and benefits colleagues from around the globe are warmly invited to join the interactive webinar series on current topics!

Thursday, Dec 10th, 14:00 - 16:00 CET