Dear website visitors, customers and business partners,

Covid-19 is having a massive impact on all of us right now, in terms of our health, restrictions to our home lives and work options, and, of course in financial terms. In a situation like this, we all experience periods of fear and anxiety. It just shows we are human. What is important is how we as individuals, companies and as a society remain able to function. Communicating with others and sharing concerns can help. Let me share with you how we at the hkp/// group are handling the current situation.

We rely on expert sources such as the RKI, the WHO and recommendations of the governments to inform our decisions on how to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we have been preparing for relevant challenges for some time – as well as we are able to in such a situation. We are also preparing for further developments by working through possible scenarios, both positive and negative.

The health of our employees is our top priority while acting in the most socially responsible manner possible (#FlattentheCurve). We have therefore been working from home at all our locations already since beginning of March. We identified essential business processes early on and, for example, allocated our IT provision to two separate European locations . In doing so, we also used the last few weeks to further improve our already high-performance IT infrastructure.

As a result, the transition to working-from-home mode was a completely smooth. My colleagues’ ability to self-organize and the commitment with which they continue to work has impressed me. However, we also have to understand that even in our organization, not all activities can be suspended or worked on from home. We are therefore very grateful to all those who ensure that our work can continue smoothly and especially thank those #CoronaHeroes who are maintaining important areas of life for us all such as public services, organizational structures and facilities, healthcare etc.

Uncertain times require regular, structured and clear communication. This is what we working to ensure in our communication with employees, clients and external contacts i.e. you. We have the necessary tools to continue pursuing our activities in a collaborative manner. Last Friday we were able to organize our first completely virtual staff meeting, which received very good feedback. We are also converting all external appointments and events to virtual formats wherever possible – from simple phone conferences to virtual meeting formats to virtual interactive workshops.

We believe in a positive future and are acting accordingly. In the short term, we will all experience economic cutbacks, sometimes severe ones, which will threaten the existence of some companies. However, those who are too severe in cutting back their roots and shoots during this crisis, won’t experience vigorous growth next “spring” either.

We will continue to offer you a fully operational service. But we also want to continue to be a trusted advisor on your side. Therefore, we will be providing relevant offers in various areas concerned with the current situation; whether this is market information on the type and scope of other companies’ activities, specific advice on situation-related specialist issues, or general offers for supporting your most urgent projects. We won’t be offering blanket short-term solutions for “crisis products” and will continue to be thoughtful in our communication and approach.

Please feel free to contact my hkp/// group colleagues and myself if you have any questions. We are also happy to receive your suggestions for topics that are of particular concern to you right now or for which you are looking for an exchange.

Thank you for your continuing trust and keep well.

Kind regards,

Michael H. Kramarsch

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