Average CEO compensation levels in France for financial year 2018 have increased to their maximum since 2015 and reached the € 5.2 million mark, which represents a growth rate of 13.8% in comparison with 2017. This significant increase in CEO compensation levels is however primarily attributable to changes in the index composition. When only considering companies already listed in the CAC 40 in the previous year, the increase is rather moderate and amounts solely to 3.7%.
According to this year’s analysis of annual reports conducted by hkp/// group, the CEO compensation levels among CAC 40 companies are significantly lower than those observed among companies listed in the STOXX® Europe 50 and EURO STOXX 50® indices. This difference in CEO compensation is partly due to the larger size of the European top companies listed in the STOXX indices. This year’s special analysis shows however that – even if adjusted for company size – CEO compensation levels in the CAC 40, especially for large companies, are still slightly below those in STOXX companies.
The disclosure practices among CAC 40 companies are considered among the best in the European comparison – with the new legislation set forth in 2019 yet further improvements can be expected.

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